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Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can make your New Jersey home more attractive to potential buyers and boost your home value. It can also improve the look and feel of the most important room in the house while adding the plumbing features you’ve always wanted. To avoid future issues or costly plumbing mistakes, you’ll want to consider these bathroom remodel tips.

Bathroom Remodel Tips a universal design for a New Jersey bathroom remodel

Budgeting for a New Jersey bathroom remodel
If you are only making some small, inexpensive changes to your bathroom, money may not be a problem. However, most people considering a major New Jersey bathroom remodel are looking to make big improvements like adding or moving a vanity setup, installing a Jacuzzi tub, enlarging the size of the bathroom, adding an additional sink or other major changes. Knowing how much it will cost to make upgrades and where you’ll get the funds to pay for a bathroom makeover will help to keep the project in line with your budget. In addition, a cost-effective way to remove old fixtures during a remodel is to recycle them.

Planning out your bathroom remodel
After examining your budget, you now have some idea about the upgrades you can afford or may need to finance. It is critical that you draw up plans to include all the changes you want to make. You may need to take floor and wall measurements or decide whether the size of the bathroom needs to be expanded to handle the installation of additional features.

This is usually the point in the remodeling process where people realize they need to enlist the help of a professional to install the plumbing for a new sink, move a toilet or add additional wiring for enhanced lighting. Contact H & N Custom Homes to speak to an experienced plumber about remodeling your bathroom.

A universal sink for a kitchen or bathroom remodel Low-cost upgrades for a whole new bathroom
If you don’t have the finances to make major renovations, but are looking for a way to improve and modernize the look of your bathroom, you should consider modest changes. Sometimes, you can get a whole new look for the least amount of money by changing out the showerhead for an updated shower experience, decorative faucet handles, drawer pulls and other hardware for a relatively small amount of money. These small added details can make a big impact on house guests or potential buyers.

Make your bathroom senior friendly
If you are planning on staying in your home for years to come, you may want to spend extra money to pay for a Portland bathroom remodel which takes into consideration upgrades for aging seniors. This type of universal design for the bathroom will only increase your home’s value even more. If you are already in the midst of bathroom upgrades, now is the time to look towards the future. For example, you may consider a walk-in bathtub, increasing the toilet height, grab bars in the shower and easy-to-reach light switches and power outlets.

How to remodel a small bathroom
If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider installing a sink that optimizes, rather than detracts from, your powder room. Cornered sinks stand politely to the side to allow more through-traffic and even storage space in cabinets beneath.

An extended counter can do what a basic vanity cannot: give you more room! For a minimalist look, install a sink within a vanity and then build a counter that wraps around and over the toilet, allowing you to place small necessities out in the open, just where you need them.

Bathrooms ranging between 5-and-6-feet wide are just large enough to fit a toilet and small tub. Consider installing a glass panel to separate your shower from the rest of the room, rather than a door. Glass panels will serve to keep your bathroom floor dry and give you a little breathing room in the process.

Installing a narrow sink or vanity can help to optimize the space in your bathroom, and a wall-mounted faucet can help. Have a more traditional style? Wall-mounted design works just as well in traditional design as it does in modern, so don’t rule out this savvy space-saver!

Bathroom Remodeler New Jersey
After planning out your New Jersey bathroom remodel project, you need to be realistic about the costs and whether you have the skills to take on the project. More than one amateur handyman around the home has made costly mistakes, which could have been avoided by hiring a professional. If you’re looking for expert remodeling for your Portland home, contact H & N Custom Homes to get the job done right the first time.

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