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We are excited to produce quality centerpiece mantels for our clients and friends. Every mantel is built according to our client’s design tastes and fireplace dimensions. To simplify the shopping experience, we offer many pre-designed mantel styles for purchase. We can also work creatively to provide a fully unique mantel – something to match your Pinboard theme, or even your napkin sketch!

We really enjoy our jobs; nothing beats creating unique works of art that will be cherished and admired for years to come. Since fireplaces tend to be focal points and gathering places, we pay special attention to every project and deliver beautiful and long-lasting fireplace mantels again and again. We strive to provide not only the perfect fireplace mantel, but an overall experience that is enjoyable, effortless, and satisfying!

There isn’t anything more gratifying than cutting and forming rough wood into something beautiful and useful. We have decades of experience doing just that. Over the years of building our wood fireplace mantels we’ve developed a streamlined assembly process without sacrificing quality. We stick to using solid hardwood materials over more modern materials like MDF.

And to keep costs low & ensure the highest quality, we produce a majority of our wood moldings in-house using modern wood-shaping equipment.

To start, we’ve produced some great designs and categorized them into 3 Collections. Beyond that we are able to tweak and customize our mantel styles or sizes for each client. We are also able to work to achieve either a completely new design concept or to build a mantel to match a photo found online, magazine, or any other form.

One of our popular free services is called ‘Mantel Preview’ where we are able to drag and drop our mantels into a photo containing our client’s fireplaces.

We provide our services nationally. And because of this we have developed a reliable and easy process to expedite our mantel builds as well as the shipping process.

All mantels are shipped from our facility carefully packaged and crated for problem-free deliveries. On top of that, we are able to offer all of our client’s free shipments when purchasing one of our fireplace mantels.

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