Home Remodeling Asbury ParkWelcome to H & N Custom Homes!

We are a boutique firm dedicated to bringing exceptional quality and service to a select group of homeowners in the Asbury Park area. We listen to our clients’ goals and desires, analyze their existing space and then transform their home and lifestyle. Our style is your style.

While Design/Build remodeling is our specialty, our award-winning staff also has extensive experience working with existing plans supplied from other designers. And as a full-service remodeler, our staff is adept at maintenance, repairs and specialty projects. Our goal is to skillfully guide your project, whatever it is, through the construction process until the last tool is packed away.

Having been trained as an artist, an architect, and as an engineer, founder has spent over 30 years developing H & N Custom Homes’s business system. We call the results ” H & N Custom Homes Care” and there are few who can provide the same distinctive, high level of home remodeling services in the Atlanta area. We encourage you to study our website and learn what we’re all about.

The Design/Build Luxury
The Design/Build approach is born out of the idea that a single responsible professional who knows design and construction cost is best equipped to produce the most economical plan that fits all project requirements.

Our Style Is Your Style
We are not ego driven designers with our own aesthetic agendas. Our project designers are degreed, seasoned professionals with extensive experience in architectural design and a deep knowledge of historic styles.

We have won numerous awards for outstanding renovations that have enhanced the existing structure and helped homeowners achieve their own personal style.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.

Stages of Design
Pre-Design: A design/build agreement lays out the design program requirements as well as the specific design tasks which may include zoning investigation, as-built drawings, a survey and photo documentation of the existing house.

Conceptual Design: Presentation of preliminary drawings (floor plan sketches, perspective or elevation sketches) representing two to three design approaches. The best elements, as determined by the client, are combined into the agreed upon Conceptual Design.

Design Development: With an agreed upon Conceptual Design, a Scope of Work document details the project scope, materials, methods of construction, and measures that will be taken to accommodate the homeowner during construction. Floor plans are refined and elevation drawings are developed.

Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate: Before the project gets “locked in stone” we test our budget parameters based on actual quotes from subcontractors and suppliers. Our goal is to show you where your money is going, and allot to the budget those aspects of the project that are most important to you.

Often we price options and alternatives that may necessitate some revision to the drawings. Ultimately this value engineering is the client’s choice. But as designers of the project, as well as the builder, we feel we are best able to weigh the cost and design intent of alternatives.

Construction Cost: When options and alternatives are selected by the client, the project designer presents a “reconciliation” showing the Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate with line items identifying the changes which result in changes to the construction cost. With this revised total cost and an AIA fixed price construction contract, the project gets put on our construction schedule and construction drawings begin so that a building permit can be obtained. The cost to prepare the construction documents is included in the cost of construction.