Home Remodeling Carneys Point TownshipH & N Custom Homes’s mission is to present everyday families and household’s superior designs and construction services for new kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and countertops, roofs, or patios. We offer the best customer service in Carneys Point Township for every client, through every step of the design and build process.

H & N Custom Homes is a home remodeling company whose specialty is kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and counter tops, and roofing. When you want to remodel or add an addition to your home, we are the professionals behind you every step of the way. Our sole reason for being in business is to work with you and make your experience special. From day one, our emphasis is on personalized attention to you. We’ll make sure that all of your options are 100% clear. We want you to be completely well-informed about the process.

H & N Custom Homes wants to make sure that all of your questions are answered. We will be by your side until the project is complete and every small detail and element of your remodeling job is exactly how you wanted it.

Our experienced designers and practical approach are key when it comes to the design of your new kitchen, bathroom, roof, patio, or other room. Every project we take is entirely unique. Each fits the terms of your tastes. Why settle for less when you don’t need to? At H & N Custom Homes, we emphasize your remodel from a design perspective that will invigorate your home and enhance your life. Hire H & N Custom Homes because we provide top-notch remodeling in New Jersey.

Because we design, we get to hear all the reasons people have for wanting a remodeling project done. Some of our clients have purchased a home with the intent of reinventing it around their lifestyle. They bought something with the potential to become their dream home. For others, they wanted to update their home to meet a changing lifestyle. It’s sometimes as simple as the kids have grown a bit, so it’s a good time to concentrate on luxury and tech. Remodeling pays back, so it’s a great investment.

When you first decide to remodel, the hardest task is choosing the style you want to go within the design. There is so much available today, it’s hard to see it all. After you start to get an idea, it’s a great time to sit down with professional designers. H & N Custom Homes has over 20 years in design and we can guide you through the process. It’ll be fun. Your design team will show you all the details that make your dream remodel a personal space that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

H & N Custom Homes has some of the best designers in Carneys Point Township for all your remodeling. Our designers will take your ideas and give you the advice to turn your ideas into all the real details for your project. Our strength in remodeling design assures that your house is turned into the home you always dreamt about.

H & N Custom Homes has been the established leader in the home design and remodeling in Carneys Point Township for over the past 20 years. As construction managers, we guarantee your complete home remodeling project. We coordinate all the material supply and delivery as well as subcontracted specialty companies. We offer a complete design for building bathrooms, decks, gazebos, roofs and bathrooms.

Your project manager will communicate every step of the project with you. They are available at all times for any questions you have. They also listen to your input and suggestions. It is your project. We want it done right. We make sure that your remodeling project in Carneys Point Township runs smoothly. H & N Custom Homes will deliver exactly what you designed. That’s why we stand head and shoulders above our competition.