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At H & N Custom Homes we offer full service renovation and general contracting with an emphasis on accessibility and barrier free living. We believe that whether you are 30 and remodeling your first home, or 75 and just looking to live in your home as long as you can, every renovation should make your home more comfortable and easier to live in.

We are among New Jersey’s Best Renovators & Accessibility Remodellers


Fall in love with your kitchen again.
Where do you find the person you’re looking for? In the kitchen! Where’s the homework being done? On the kitchen counter! Where’s the dog? In a basket in a corner, or more likely, under your feet. All this, and meal preparation too. No wonder smart decisions about a new kitchen are so critical. At H & N Custom Homes we help clients make these design/build decisions all the time.

Bring your bathroom to life
Bathrooms are private spaces. They tend to be Spartan, with little spark to them. Many look dingy and outdated, not a space you want to spend time in. How things have changed. Families want larger bathrooms with more room to move around. And even if that space is restricted, H & N Custom Homes can show you what a bathroom could be. This is one room that’s visible to guests.

Putting out for your people
You run a good business. It’s supported you well over the years. Or you’re just starting out. There are a few things you want to do, to make it look better or work better. Maybe put in some dividers or storage areas. Maybe the entrance needs improving. Maybe you’d like to remove a wall and open up the area. Maybe it needs better windows, or doors, or insulation. H & N Custom Homes is there for your commercial renovation needs.

Basements – a space just waiting for an opportunity
You need more space. You have this large underutilized place called a basement. You’ve often wondered whether it could be the answer. At H & N Custom Homes we’ve proven to customers just how valuable and versatile their basement can be. We’ve built play areas, entertainment centers, spare bedrooms and bathrooms, offices and exercise areas. We strongly recommend basements be reworked and designed with professional help.

Energy Efficient – Aesthetically Rewarding – Doors and Windows
The quality of the doors and windows in your home can make a big difference in the costs to heat your home. Is it time to replace the doors and windows in your home? The quality standards and energy efficiency of doors and windows is far superior to what it was 25 years ago.

In the renovation business we’ve generated a lot of good stories. Clients have watched as kitchens and bathrooms they’d only dreamed of took shape along with basements remodeled, doors and windows replaced, an office or warehouse upgraded –professional work from master craftsmen.

Other stories we’re equally proud of, are tougher. Renovations our clients had to make due to aging and mobility issues – to accommodate wheelchairs, for easy access to light switches and storage areas; a chairlift so an aging parent could safely get upstairs

So whether it’s renovation by necessity i.e. barrier free, or you want that kitchen or bathroom or other remodeling you’ve always dreamed of, H & N Custom Homes craftsmen can design it and create it for you.