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Does your kitchen have a poor layout, inadequate lighting, and not enough space? It’s time to contact your remodeling contractor in Collingswood. Since 1991 H & N Custom Homes has been the kitchen remodeling contractors for Collingswood. We take outdated kitchens, bathrooms, and homes and transform them into what you want. Your remodeling company does kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and home remodeling. We’re the trusted source for cabinets and custom countertops.

The kitchen remodeling contractors serve the Collingswood county areas. We upgrade your kitchens with the latest kitchen remodeling ideas, kitchen renovation ideas, colors, designs, and styles. Your neighbors will be envious of the look and feel of your kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and home remodels.

Find out why we’re the number one referral for Home Depot customers. Your kitchen remodeling contractors do residential remodeling and commercial remodeling. Contact us for a free remodeling consultation, and learn more about our full suite of services, including:
• Kitchen remodels
• Residential remodeling
• Commercial remodeling
• Bathroom remodeling
• Home remodeling
• Free onsite estimates
• Custom countertops
• Cabinets
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Kitchen Remodeling
Most kitchen remodeling projects bring a 60-63.8% return. What could you do with that kind of money? At H & N Custom Homes we have a comprehensive kitchen remodeling service. We’ll update your kitchen with the latest kitchen design ideas. Your kitchen remodeling project will give you a more functional and easy to clean kitchen. Our kitchen renovation ideas give you more room to cook and spend time with your family. We do kitchen remodeling for small kitchens, large kitchens, and other types of kitchens. A remodeling project is an excellent investment for a broad array of reasons, including:
• Brings a High Return on Your Investment
• Easy to Clean Kitchen Counter Tops
• Updated Kitchen Cabinets for More Storage
• Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances
• New Kitchen Floors with Stain Resistance
• Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
• Kitchen Renovation for More Room
• Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Coming up with kitchen remodeling ideas can be stressful. At H & N Custom Homes we have thousands of kitchen remodeling ideas. We have kitchen remodeling ideas for your kitchen floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. During your free kitchen consultation, we’ll share our top kitchen remodeling ideas. Our kitchen remodeling ideas can be used in small or large kitchens. Interested in a particular kitchen style or kitchen design? We’ll present them to you and make them a reality. We provide you with added insight through:
• Kitchen Floor Ideas
• Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
• Kitchen Appliance Ideas
• Kitchen Designs and Styles
• Kitchen Sink Ideas
• Kitchen Countertop Ideas
• Kitchen Remodeling Consultation
Don’t stress about your kitchen remodeling project. Find out what it will cost to get your kitchen remodeling project done. We offer a full kitchen remodeling consultation. During your kitchen remodeling consultation, we’ll educate you on what your kitchen needs. You’ll know dollar for dollar what it will cost to complete your kitchen remodeling project. We offer free consultations for bathroom remodels and home remodels. Get started on your remodeling project today.