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Exceptional Major Home Remodels in Cresskill, NJ
Most homeowners love their homes, but that doesn’t always mean their homes are functioning for them.

Have you outgrown your home’s space?
It’s common to outgrow your home’s space and realize you’ve lost some of its functionality. And sometimes homeowners just want a fresh design update. So, if you love your home but feel that not all of your lifestyle needs are being met, we understand.

Do you want to avoid moving to a different home and neighborhood?
You can stay in the home you love, with the neighbors you’re connected with, and still have a functional space that meets your family’s needs. A major home remodel can take the house and location you love and make it the home of your dreams.

Are you settling for a less-than-desired look for your home’s interior?
Sometimes it takes more than changing a fixture and a simple coat of paint to revitalize your home and make it work for you once again. At H & N Custom Homes, we focus on larger home remodeling projects and specialize in complete redesigns and structural changes. Our goal is not to just change your home but to transform it.

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The Benefits of a Major Interior Remodel
A home remodel can add great value to your home and life in a number of ways.

Increase your home’s value.
Renovating your space to a more functional, practical and modern interior instantly adds to the monetary value of your home.

Enjoy having and doing more.
Redoing your space also means creating a complete and cohesive interior that will function for all of your lifestyle needs. Giving your family the home they’ve always wanted and needed means adding joy and comfort to your life. An interior remodel benefits not only you but your family and friends as well.

How H & N Custom Homes Can Help?
Trusted, Reliable Remodeling Service
Most of your time spent at home is spent indoors, which means a major interior remodel adds to the value of your home and the quality of your life. When it comes to selecting a contractor to completely revamp your home, it is essential to find someone who values your thoughts and has the expertise to provide superior workmanship. At H & N Custom Homes, we specialize in:

• Full Home Remodels
• Major Renovations
• Structural Changes to the Home

Clear Communication that Keeps You In Control
We believe your opinion is the most valuable in determining what you need and that communication is key to a quality interior remodel. We want all of our work to reflect you as a homeowner while also being functional and staying on budget.

We need your ideas and input. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure you get exactly what you want in your home remodel. Our expert designers bring innovative and exciting ideas, resulting in a home that is practical, beautiful and uniquely you.

Begin Your Interior Remodel Today
Why settle for limited and constrained home space? Take the first step and get a home remodel that will really meet your family’s needs. We look forward to partnering with you to make those possibilities a reality.