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Prepare for a relationship unlike any other. For us, the first step in any project is a face to face meeting. This is when we learn about each other. You share your dreams for your home, and we share how our design and construction team helps you realize them. This meeting allows all of us to decide if we are the right fit for your project.

Once we agree to move forward with designing your space, we ask a lot of questions. In order to capture the essence of you and the personality of your home, we immerse ourselves in the goals and style of life that you envision for your space. Armed with this knowledge, we design and create a singular space that is a true reflection of you.

Because every individual is unique, every project is unique. The one constant is the relationship we cultivate with our clients. After thousands of projects, we know that remodeling isn’t always an easy experience. Because of our open and communicative relationships, we are well-positioned to help clients manage expectations and work through some of the less exciting parts of the design build process.

Everything about our projects is custom – from the hand-selected team, to the process, to the delivery. Which is why we have developed a team of skilled listeners that are flexible and adaptable. Your transformation team is with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and allowing you to enjoy the process.

We not only design and build beautiful spaces that utilize every square inch, we do it in the smartest way possible. Often, this smart thinking leads to design decisions that are universal and green design friendly. We tend to create spaces with wide hallways and energy-efficient features because it is best for our clients.

Our take on accessibility and sustainability is deeply rooted in our commitment to designing and building spaces that stand the test of time. We use only products that have been proven to be durable and reliable for our clients. Our thoughtful approach to resale potential lends itself to timeless designs that are as impressive today as they will be decades from now.

70% of what we remove from a home gets reused, donated or recycled.

For more than forty years, the evolution of H & N Custom Homes has been guided by the principles on which it was founded. The company culture of “Doing the Right Thing” applies to our clients and their homes, our co-workers, our industry partners and our community.