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Our years of experience enable us to work with our clients in a fluid and thorough process that achieves beautiful, handcrafted custom spaces to make our clients feel even more at home. We design and build for the way you live.

We believe that remodeling your home should be rewarding collaboration from start to finish. So we’ve developed a straight-forward, modern build process, which sets us apart and has proven to deliver projects on time with award- winning results.

H & N Custom Homes’s dedicated team will ensure you have a clear vision of how your remodeling project will unfold to give you the end results you’re looking for.

Understanding our clients objectives and goals is the first priority of any renovation we embark on. You might be surprised how many people skip this step and design for the sake of design. What you can expect at this point is to have a well-reasoned opinion of what may be possible in your space and an approximate budget that will serve as the road map for the project.

Moving the project into the creative process is usually the most exciting part for our clients and for us. With a solid understanding of how the space needs to function and work for you, we are able to show you a conceptual design of what your new space could look like if you decide you’d like to proceed with a design agreement. With the design comes a detailed proposal outlining all the aspects of your job and a final contract with a fixed price.

The design and aesthetics of a space are subjective things. Our initial concepts go through a refinement process where you’ll work with our interior designers to select the elements and materials for your space to make it truly customized to you. For example things like; wood finishes, cabinetry, fixtures, paint color, tile, and flooring are some of the basic elements you might get to consider.

After approvals on a finalized design, we setup the construction schedule to ensure your project can be completed in the most effiecent way possible. This thorough, planned approach gives H & N Custom Homes the ability to deliver a finished project that meets our high standards of craftsmanship and, most often, exceeds client expectations.