Home Remodeling Fort LeeOur promise to you!
H & N Custom Homes is committed to providing our customers with quality products.

It begins with our initial meeting, when all of your ideas, dreams and desires are discussed. Whether you are providing images clipped from magazines, rough sketches you have thoughtfully generated, lists of considerations both concrete and intangible or a full set of architectural plans; H & N Custom Homes will listen and learn the essential aspects and goals of your project. We strive to facilitate clear communication throughout the entire design and build process as an essential factor for success from day one.

Our in-house design capabilities and organized management system allow us to be flexible and efficient when meeting any challenge.
With our open book and completely transparent business model you always know the actual costs of your project. Our customized budget estimates provide you with a defined scope of work that allows you an opportunity to fully understand your project expenses and make budget decisions with confidence.

Once your design and budget have been tailored to your meet your goals construction can begin. Our team of craftsmen has the skill and expertise to see your desires become a reality. Each project is executed with care and pride by our family of experts to bring you the finished products you desire.

No project is too small.
H & N Custom Homes is a full service construction company, welcoming the challenge of designing and building your next addition or remodel project. From kitchens and bathrooms, to sun rooms and larger additions, we follow the same planning process as we would on a new house. We listen to our customers, design the space to meet their needs, research the products that they want to use, and let our talented team of project mangers and carpenters build it.

Kitchens & Baths
H & N Custom Homes understands the importance of details and its effect on the success of a project. This is especially true regarding intimate spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. As with each H & N Custom Homes project, every detail is tailored to our clients’ desires and crafted with precision.

H & N Custom Homes knows that the heart of any home is the kitchen; it is the one place in the house where everyone gathers. We work hard to design and build a kitchen that meets the standards of our customers. With our in-house design studio, we can create a 3D model of what your proposed kitchen will look like. We can add colors and textures that reflect the your choices of counter tops, flooring, and cabinets. By using 3D modeling, we can easily troubleshoot any design problems and modify the layout of the kitchen.

We keep in mind the functionality of the kitchen in our designs by asking the customer questions like:
– Who is the primary chef?
– How much storage space is needed?
– Is there enough lighting?

These questions help shape the design and flow of the kitchen. If you are not sure about how all the pieces come together, let H & N Custom Homes handle all the details. In recent projects, customers have come to us with just a few ideas, and we have been able to transform their entire kitchen by adding custom made cabinets, granite counter tops, and custom tile layouts.

H & N Custom Homes works with its customers to meet the level of detail that you want within a budget that you can afford.

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