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H & N Custom Homes builds fine homes, renovates existing structures, and builds or repairs log homes serving homeowners all across the Galloway Township, New Jersey.

H & N Custom Homes consistently delivers the highest quality construction cost-effectively, closing jobs on time and on budget. H & N Custom Homes honors true craftsmanship with a philosophy that uses a team approach, establishing a positive and ongoing relationship with every client.

H & N Custom Homes traditional approach to building never precludes the latest in construction and client service, using an online database to allow clients instant and interactive access to the job site.

H & N Custom Homes developed a passion for fine craftsmanship, where H & N Custom Homes was part of an eclectic woodworking program that featured instruction by architects, engineers and craftspeople from all phases of fine home construction. This hands-on instruction created a life-long career path for H & N Custom Homes.
H & N Custom Homes is comprised of the finest workers in the area, and H & N Custom Homes’s unique approach to every job, keeps them excited and motivated about the work they do.

A hundred years ago in Galloway Township, quality craftsmanship was the accepted standard of home building. It is the same today for H & N Custom Homes who exceeds expectations with thorough service and dependable quality in every job, large or small.

Interior Design: Kitchens & Bathrooms
Bathrooms: We can build a bathroom that combines glamour and functionality. Whether a spa retreat, a personal imaginative space, contemporary or traditional (or a hybrid of both), we can create your bathroom with innovation, design, and value. Everything from bead board for a traditional look to a curbless shower perfectly installed, we pride ourselves on meticulous workmanship for this vital room in your house.

Kitchens: The kitchen is the literal center of your home. It is a place for the family to gather and to entertain your friends. It can be a communication hub and a gathering place while meals are prepared. We understand the need for clean and environmentally sound design while integrating efficient cooking space. H & N Custom Homes does all the built-ins personally, and their beauty reflects H & N Custom Homes’s passion.

Tile: Whether you chose art tiles to accent your living space or mass produced tiles in a functional bathroom, we can deliver a uniquely beautiful look for your home. We specialize in using tiles creatively for focal walls or creating a special space in your bath. While we enjoy using Galloway Township products, we will work with any tile from anywhere.

Custom Built-ins: All of our built-ins are handcrafted by H & N Custom Homes. Working with beautiful woods tying together architectural elements, maximizing storage space in bathrooms, concealing appliances that might interfere with the aesthetic of your kitchen, or creating a recessed work station, built-ins can provide the functional grace notes in a home. H & N Custom Homes will customize your built-ins to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

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