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At H & N Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on providing original and creative design solutions, an integrated design process, eco-friendly building materials and technologies, high quality craftsmanship, and above all, extraordinary customer service.

WHY CHOOSE H & N Custom Homes?

At H & N Custom Homes, we design exactly to your requirements; we plan, design, and conduct construction work with professional courtesy, efficiency, and expert craftsmanship. We deliver a completed project within your budget and guide you through the process every step of the way, fostering a long-lasting relationship with you – the most important person on our design team.

Thoughtful Planning
H & N Custom Homes firmly believes that a successful remodel depends on good planning and communication from the get-go. From the moment you call about your proposed remodel all the way through its completion, we guide you through the process, always informing you about the next step along the way. During the planning stage, H & N Custom Homes has a unique ability to estimate costs within an exceptionally short time period, providing you with an estimate based on the costs of recent comparable projects and our ongoing dialogue with skilled craftsmen. We examine all the trade-offs of your project’s structural, financial, and design challenges simultaneously, balancing and re-balancing priorities with you as the process moves forward. We will also provide you with a design proposal including a scope of work and parameters and review it with you during this stage.

By spending time and energy listening to your needs and diagnosing the functional and spatial issues you are presenting during this stage, we will be able to provide you with effective design solutions to correct the functional and aesthetic ailments your home may have. Through effective communication, the common thread woven throughout our process, you can be assured that we will take care of you every step of the way.

Integrated Design
Using your personal aesthetic as a guiding principle, we tailor our designs to create a functional solution that will fit seamlessly with your needs and match your unique and personal vision and lifestyle. The design team works with the production team throughout the entire design process to ensure that everything will be built to project scope expectations.

Your involvement is a key factor in our integrated and collaborative design process since you will ultimately be determining your budget, design priorities, and materials selection; any questions you may have are answered as they arise so you can feel confident in the quality and the progress of your remodel. Communication and collaboration ensures that we are meeting your expectations for scheduling, budget, and quality at every step of the way- a commitment that every member of our team shares to ensure you are highly satisfied with the process and the end result.

Skilled Execution
Remodeling requires specific expertise in both design and construction. It is our job to ensure your new space is everything you had hoped it would be in the design phase. During the construction process, your assigned construction Project Manager will have an in-person meeting with you weekly at a regularly scheduled time in your home. During this meeting, we encourage open communication regarding your project and provide space to discuss any issues that may have emerged during this stage of your remodel.

We recognize that your home will be disrupted during the construction process; with decades of expertise under our belts, you can be confident that we will remodel your home with detailed care and respect for your living environment. Our talented, local crews are chosen by H & N Custom Homes for their demonstrated regard for your privacy and property. Carrying the appropriate licenses, workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance for their trade, you will find them to be conscientious and just as dedicated to your project as you are. After construction is complete, we will leave you with a remodel that fulfills your functional needs and is a beautiful statement of your personal style, giving you peace of mind when choosing H & N Custom Homes to take care of your home.

At H & N Custom Homes, you’ll find designers that you feel comfortable with and that value your unique vision. A conversation with us will bring your vision another step closer to realization. Let’s talk today.

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