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“We’re proud of our work and we stand by everything we do.”

H & N Custom Homes has the distinction of being one of the top rated residential new home constructions and remodeling companies in Green Brook Township area. It’s our ability to provide clients with exceptional work, each and every time, and developing long-lasting relationships with our clientele that separates us from the crowd. Behind the high ratings from the Green Brook Township homeowners, are our trusted general contractors and skilled tradesman that care about every project and the homeowners with whom we partner.

At H & N Custom Homes, we understand the unique requirements of building and remodeling in Green Brook Township. We understand that a person’s home is their castle and that here in the New Jersey area, many of these castles are located in the hills; which is our speciality, and where we apply superior expertise. Whether your home is located in the hills or on the flats, near the mountains, or along the pacific coastline, H & N Custom Homes has assembled the best team of home remodeling and construction professionals available to satisfy all of your remodeling and renovation requirements.

There simply isn’t a project, large or small, that we won’t manage without organization, transparency, professionalism, and skill. When you choose H & N Custom Homes, you’ll know exactly what you are getting. There will be no surprises, no tricks, no gimmicks, no last minute substitutions or changes that are not directed by you, our client. The quality of our craftsmanship is of the highest level. We never cut corners, and maintain excellence at every price point.

PARTNER WITH H & N Custom Homes
Take time to look through our portfolio, and read through our testimonials. Then contact H & N Custom Homes and make an appointment to speak with a contractor. We’ll present the options, and you’ll make the choices, and together we’ll construct the project you’ve been considering for so long. When work begins, you’ll have a step-by-step outline and cost analysis that allows you to follow the progress of your project every step of the way.

Professional residential contractors know that every home in Green Brook Township area, no matter how exclusive or how humble, hides countless possibilities for customization. As a homeowner, you are more than likely desire to improve one or more rooms in your home. Whether you consider artistic designs, comfort and luxury, or remodels that are merely practical; everyone dreams about putting their unique stamp upon their home through remodeling and renovation.

Regardless of your budget or your style, H & N Custom Homes is a highly reputed home and kitchen remodeling contractor in Green Brook Township that offers a variety of services to construct those dreams into reality.

Discover How To Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal
H & N Custom Homes is the expert in residential home remodeling that you can trust the most. In business since 1975, our company has provided Green Brook Township homeowners with the best quality remodeling services money can buy. Our remodeling contractors can help you get the most appeal out of your home, no matter what elevation you prefer, from classical to modern, and every style in-between.

Kitchen Remodeling – Professional and Highly Qualified Kitchen Remodeling Contractors
You might get lucky in finding the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted when you buy a home, but most homeowners wind up finding issues with the functionality and or appearance after they’ve moved in. It’s time to convert your kitchen to give it the appearance, storage and configuration that you’ve always wanted. We have all of your remodeling needs covered, from simple projects like cabinet refacing to complete gut-renovations.

A custom bathroom remodel not only enhances the comfort and livability of your home, it also creates lasting value. H & N Custom Homes has the bathroom remodeling experience and skill to create a bathroom retreat that is a valuable, luxury upgrade to your home, is energy efficient, and matches your personal style preference.

The Ultimate in Outdoor Style and Comfort

During the warmer months in Green Brook Township, the heat can sap the energy from you and your family. New pool construction can be the answer to your prayers. Some homeowners are mistaken to believe it’s an expense that they can’t afford. H & N Custom Homes pool contractors work with budgets of all size to help homeowners get the oasis they need based on the layout and design of their property. We can help you get that in-ground pool that adds beauty, comfort, function and value to your home.