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Design Build
As a Design/Build firm, H & N Custom Homes is capable of taking your magazine clippings, ideas, or napkin sketches and turning them first into conceptual drawings, then a working set of plans, and finally into the finished home, all with one stop shopping. This simplifies your process, the actual building process, and in the end, saves you a considerable amount of money. As the builders of the spaces that are designed, we know right from the start what can and can’t be built and how it affects the budgets, this “cuts to the chase” often times and produces the desired end result more quickly and without delays. While we are happy to work collaboratively with drawings you already have or an architect you have already hired, our specialty is building the homes and spaces we design.

Advantages of Design Build
One of the main advantages of working with a design build firm is that the same person who you are meeting and creating the spaces with is the same person who is hammering the nails. No one knows what space will be best for you and your family better than you, and it is our job to work collaboratively with you to draw those ideas out, put them to paper, and then construct them. All too often details get lost in the shuffle between the builder, the general contractor, and the architect and problems and delays occur. What is left is a customer who feels out of the loop and not sure who to go to when they see a problem on a site visit.

Our Process
Our Design process is separate from the construction portion and we use two separate contracts for each phase respectively. Design contracts are customized for the needs of the project and the client and priced accordingly. Most of our Design Contracts result in a complete set of construction drawings and an accompanying detailed, line itemed estimate. At it’s completions you own the plans and the estimate. While we hope you will hire us to build the project, our design contracts do not tie you to H & N Custom Homes for the construction. If you do choose to hire us for construction we would enter into a construction contract and book the job into our schedule.