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Our Mission
At H & N Custom Homes we fulfill our guarantees and produce high quality finished products while providing an exceptional experience for all parties involved.

Our Superior Service Guarantee
What sets H & N Custom Homes apart from other contractors is our Superior Service Guarantee. What is it you ask? It’s 3-fold.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
NJ law requires 1 year and is the industry standard; we choose to go above and beyond that standard for our clients.

Guaranteed Completion Date
If we do not complete your project within the time frame promised our price will be reduced .5% of the original contract per business day.

Guaranteed to the Penny Proposals
Our submitted price is not an estimate. If our price is off based on the proposed plans and specs, we pay the difference.

Basement Finishing & Remodeling
Living in a home with an unfinished basement is not an uncommon situation. Many make do with the finished spaces of the home without realizing the potential use of the additional level. Finishing the basement of your home not only increases the overall square footage, it of course adds value to your home – and potentially extra bedrooms!

With an unfinished basement, the possibilities are endless. Many add extra bedrooms and bathrooms for their expanding family or guests. Others add wet bars, game rooms, and home theatres for entertainment. Some may simply want an additional family room or “man cave.” Regardless of your needs for your basement, we can help you finish the lower level of your dreams!

Kitchen Remodeling
The kitchen is most commonly known as the “heart of the home,” the daily hub for family dinners and the main gathering spot when hosting guests. If it’s not accommodating for multiple people or simply doesn’t meet your daily needs, remodeling may very well be your solution. By choosing to remodel your kitchen, you’re not only updating the space, but you’re ensuring stress-free kitchen gatherings for years to come!

As with any remodeling project, we’ll first meet with you to evaluate the space and explore your personal vision before offering customized options for your new kitchen. From flooring to electrical, cabinets to backsplashes, we can help customize your kitchen to your family’s specific needs.

Interior Design Services
Exploring all the options for expanding the interior of your home can be an endless decision-making process. Luckily, at H & N Custom Homes, we can provide you with our in-house Interior Designer, to help you decide on the perfect selections for your home with Simple Selection Shopping.

Simple Selection Shopping is just as it sounds – shopping made simple and with you in mind. Our interior design service allows you to meet in your own home or at our suppliers’ showrooms, and our designer will assist in customizing your living space to best fit your needs. Navigating the selection process can be overwhelming at times, but our designer provides you with the necessary expertise and quality service to make the experience stress-free and easy!

Whole Home Remodeling
A well built (and well-maintained) home can withstand the test of time structurally, but the needs of individuals and families change throughout a lifetime. Just because your needs may have changed does not mean you need to move, remodeling can help customize your existing home to meet your current and future needs!

If it’s the existing floor plan you’re not happy with, H & N Custom Homes can help you remodel entire levels of your home. Whole home or large-scale remodeling can help open up space which will allow you and your family to get better use of your house for years to come.

Drafting and Design Services
Here at H & N Custom Homes we are a one-stop shop from the design phase through the completion of your project. Often clients are at the conceptual stage of a project and are in need of guidance and assistance in creating a design for their remodel prior to moving forward with bidding the project. The first step is scheduling an appointment to discuss your vision, your needs and desires for the space, and take the necessary measurements for creating a design. We then draw up an initial 2D floor plan design or multiple designs, which are submitted to you for review. After your review, we revise the drawings as needed and once we have approved drawings the bidding phase begins! The fee for these services typically range from $150-$300 depending on the size and scope of the project.