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Remodeling can be a very confusing and frustrating experience. In 30 years of business we have found that proper planning and professional design can make it a fun and exciting experience. We prefer fun and exciting, don’t you?

Starting from scratch – While we work with several architects and designers, many of our projects are developed with our in-house designers using a two-phase design approach.

Phase 1 Design: For projects like additions & major renovations, we start with our Phase 1 Design Agreement. We use a 3-D CAD software called Chief Architect to help you visualize the project as a picture to virtually walk through the project. The goal of Phase 1 is to come up with a design that you will love, and a preliminary budget based on this design. There is no requirement to move forward with H & N Custom Homes, so you can keep the renderings and plans, but they are not “Ready for Construction” at this point. All the selections, engineering and construction drawings are still needed to be able to build it. This leads us to:

Phase 2 Design: The goal of Phase 2 design is to make all the selections, develop all the construction details, and get the budget down to the penny. To do this we have to know the brand, make, color and quantity of all the materials that go into your project. Our designers will work with you to find the best products to fit your style, budget and taste. During this process we also bring our team of professionals out to your house to look at all your existing conditions, so they can estimate their trades and get us the best pricing for each. Sometimes we need to bring in an engineer to size beams, or evaluate an existing structure item. When Phase 2 is complete, we have a complete set of plans, specs, selections, and a contract, ready for construction.

Bonus: For clients that are technologically inclined, we offer a secure online portal—where you can see progression photos, approve change orders, and check the build schedule, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Beautiful homes. Satisfied homeowners. Proven experience.
When you’re looking for a remodeling company to update or add to your current home, it’s important to choose a company with a long-standing commitment to quality and a history of standing behind their work. In Lakewood Township, H & N Custom Homes is that company.

It’s a natural occurrence; families outgrow their homes. While moving is always an option, we pride ourselves on giving you the flexibility to grow within your space while planning for what’s next.

Customers typically desire adding onto their home for the following reasons:
“We have a baby on the way.”
“We have a parent moving in and need an in-law suite.”
“We need to fix the layout of our home. Why was it built this way?”
“We need more space for entertaining.”
“We need more space for storage”
“We want a larger kitchen.”
All of our home additions are customized to fit your unique needs.

Our Process
We ask a lot of questions. This is to ensure we design the exact space your family needs.
Once we understand your needs, we draw out solutions to make sure we hit everything on your wishlist.
When the design is approved, we develop a 3D rendering, which allows you to visualize the end product.
We begin planning the construction of your project.
Let the transformation begin!