Home Remodeling LeoniaH & N Custom Homes

Detail to Design matters, especially when it comes to remodeling your home. As one of area’s most respected and sought after remodeling and renovation companies, H & N Custom Homes provides an unparalleled level of detailed craftsmanship and custom design home remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling
Leave the impression of a lifetime. H & N Custom Homes knows that your new home makes a lasting impression on those you entertain. Our design team will work with you on building the perfect kitchen area for your home. Modern or wide open layout for entertaining with a customized kitchen really makes a home stand out.

Whether you want an updated look, a little more space, or a complete redesign, you’ll be able to see your ideal kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling
Is your bathroom out of date? Our bathroom remodeling service to you is a wide variety of designs, crafted carefully by our design team, to meet your needs and improve your home.

Room Additions
Has your family expanded, but your home hasn’t? Don’t buy a new house, because H & N Custom Homes has a solution for your home. We will help you design a room that fits your needs and desires based upon your specifications. Rather you need extra space for members of the family, or for recreational purposes, we can help. Get the extra space that you need in your home with the quality craftsmanship you’d expect from professionals. Home expansions or sunroom addition to home to enjoy every season in New Jersey.

Basement Remodeling
Turn your plain, unfinished basement into a functional part of your floor plan. A finished basement and basement renovation is an easy, affordable way to add more space to your home. H & N Custom Homes is ready to assist you in making something out of that dark, cold basement. Make the most out of every square foot of your home by putting the perfect touch on an otherwise unpleasant area.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a game room in your basement … perhaps a gathering area for friends and family get-togethers; no matter what the purpose, we can help! Rather you have a plan in mind or need some assistance, H & N Custom Homes wants to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.