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We Specialize in Additions, Home Remodel, Kitchen Remodel, Bath Remodel

You are dealing with home remodeling contractors that pays close attention to every part of a job they do. We like to treat each job like it is our own home that we’re working on.

Even the best homes need an update!

One of the benefits of working with a general contractor like Henn & Nardini for your home improvement project is that we specialize in home additions and remodel work. If you said, “Hey, I need a house built” we could do it, but with our smaller work force it would take us longer than most home builders. But if you tell us you’ve got this kitchen to redo, and it’s only 12’ x 6’ and you need a place to have a little desk, and you would like to somehow make the kitchen a little bigger…that’s what we like – finding solutions, making things work by utilizing what you have. We love the challenges of working with existing houses.

Sometimes people would rather do an addition to make their dreams come true. We understand additions better than most builders or remodelers. An addition needs to enhance your house in looks and of course you want it to add value to your investment. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something that’s slapped onto a house that actually takes away value and also looks terrible. The additions that we do become rooms that are so comfortable and useful that our clients end up spending all their time out there!

We enjoy beginning and finishing your job. We’re right there taking your house apart because we need to know how it went together. We’re right there in case a hidden problem crops up so it can get taken care of right away. Then as we open up a wall we might discover a small space where we can recess a cabinet into.

It comes down to who you are and what you value. For us, we want to know the house we’re working on. We want to know everything about it. We want to do it justice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for your next project.

Kitchen Remodeler
Are you dreaming about a gourmet cook’s kitchen with sought-after appliances, or are you ready to say good-bye to the dated color scheme and weird storage? Are you ready to walk in to the kitchen of your dreams and find what you need to get started, and go to work creating a meal or baking treats. You know how the kitchen is always the gathering place. We can help you as a kitchen remodeler contractor to make it even more popular.

Bath Remodeler
A lot of bathrooms seem stuck in a time warp. They were made small a clad in out-of-date colors and purely unromantic. Now it’s double-sink counters to heated flooring and glass tile, bathrooms no longer have to be cramped nor cold (visually or underfoot). H & N Custom Homes will help you to carve out space for an expanded bathroom. We can find the perfect claw foot tub for your historic home, or help pick a modern jetted bathtub to balm you in your own home spa.

Basement Finishing/Remodeling
An unfinished basement holds a lot of potential value. Remodeling and finishing abasement makes smart use of often underutilized space – from custom-designed climate-controlled wine cellars to kid-friendly flooring and design; the perfect place to display sports paraphernalia or a gathering spot for movie night. You can save money on a gym membership and put in your own exercise room. Our experienced remodelers take away dark corners and gray walls and create family-friendly, useful space.

Studio/Craft Room or Home Office Remodeling
Is your home office or craft room squeezed into a closet? Whether you are a telecommuter or a freelancer, a professional artist or a weekend knitter, your work space is about more than just looks. Your office should be structured around what you do and how you do it. It also needs to include storage space for tools and supplies while still being functional and attractive. If climbing over boxes and rolling over shag carpet to get your blog written is taking a toll on you, let our designers make the perfect place for you to make deals or to hone your craft.

Green Remodeling
Remodeling your home need not be a burden to the environment. Henn & Nardini stay on top of the latest in eco home design and remodeling. Green choices are not an all or nothing decision. Your options run the gamut from accent items such as recycled glass tiles to certifications covering energy conservation, waste reduction, gas emissions, and other environmental design components. We can discuss the pros and cons of countertop, flooring, and cabinet materials. We also follow our own strict guidelines concerning use and disposal of solvents, paint, and other construction materials. We will work with you to make the best choices for your home and your family’s needs.

Sunroom, Porch, And Deck Remodeling
Your home’s living space no longer stops at the door, and your options for entertaining outside aren’t restricted by the season. Exterior elements such as sunrooms, porches, and porticos allow you to entertain friends and family while enjoying the outdoors. New design amenities such as skylights and climate-controlled glass ensure four-season enjoyment while providing access to previously untapped living space. Talk with our designers to make the most of your exterior spaces.