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Our Projects Reflect Our Passion and Our Specialty
We work solely as a home remodeling contractor, specializing in kitchen remodeling projects, so our team has the highest, most focused expertise in making your home look and feel fresh, new, and wonderful. From custom-built bathrooms to designer kitchens, H & N Custom Homes has made some of the most important rooms in a home the most beautiful and functional.

Our interior designer, draftsperson, and production manager are third-generation family members in the business. They work closely together to bring you the kitchen, bathroom, or whole house remodel you envision.

Bathroom Remodeling
Today’s homeowners want a bathroom that is not only functional but comfortable: a retreat that is soothing, refreshing and relaxing. That’s why a H & N Custom Homes custom bathroom features only the finest fixtures, the most elegant hard surfaces, and the most distinctive designer elements. When creating a custom bath for your home, the H & N Custom Homes design team melds today’s state-of-the-art materials with contemporary design concepts to transform your bath from “just a bathroom” to a finished retreat that will reflect your tastes, aesthetics and lifestyle. Add in your own ideas on décor and accessories and you have a bathroom that you will be truly proud to display.

Kitchen Renovation
The heart of any home is its kitchen… that special place that exudes warmth and hospitality making it the ideal gathering point for family and friends. That’s why virtually every H & N Custom Homes home remodeling project starts in the kitchen… where the heart is. H & N Custom Homes kitchen design originates in the mind of the homeowner… sometimes as a specific plan… sometimes as only an unformed idea… but then the H & N Custom Homes design team develops your ideas and transforms them into a finished kitchen that reflects your tastes, your preferences and your lifestyle.

H & N Custom Homes stays abreast of all the latest developments in the home remodeling industry so that they are able to incorporate all the most efficient, most effective and most stylish appliances, cabinets and amenities in all of their kitchen designs. That’s why you’ll find H & N Custom Homes kitchens in some of the finest homes in Lopatcong Township.

Home Additions
Sometimes there just isn’t enough room! No matter how you use the rooms or how often you rearrange the furniture you just can’t do everything you want to do with your current floorplan. That’s when the best solution could be a room addition. It’s nearly always cheaper than buying a bigger house and it certainly eliminates the hassle of moving to a new location. And be sure to ask your account about the tax advantages of adding on rather than moving out.

H & N Custom Homes has been adding rooms to existing homes for more than half a century and they take pride in making their room additions blend into the structure of the original home. That’s true for new bedrooms, family rooms, garages and game rooms and especially so when adding a second story. Be it a single room or a full second story, your new expanded home will look as though the entire structure was built as a single project.

For those situations where an entire new room isn’t really practical, H & N Custom Homes can add an extension to your bedroom or your family room, or to an entire side of your home to give you the extra room you need.

Whole House Remodeling
If you love your neighborhood but hate your house, then perhaps a Whole House Remodel is in order. H & N Custom Homes can redesign and rebuild your entire house from the roof down.

New kitchen, new baths, new wall configuration, new layout, H & N Custom Homes can build whatever you need to give you the comfort and the convenience that you want today. It might be as simple as removing a wall to create more living area, or as involved as turning 3 bedrooms into 4… whatever the project, chances are H & N Custom Homes has already done one like it during their more than 50 years in business.

H & N Custom Homes is a full-service remodeling contractor and can help you get the most out of your home with virtually anything from the addition of a simple Solatube to a complete remodel so give them a call and discover just what H & N Custom Homes Remodeling Specialists of Lopatcong Township can do for you.

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