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Definitely Different
H & N Custom Homes creates exceptional home renovation, Kitchen and Bathroom remodels, new additions, whole house renovations & custom homes.

Remodeling Awards
Each year, several organizations recognize and award design/build remodeling companies. H & N Custom Homes is honored to have won these coveted awards for our home remodeling projects.

H & N Custom Homes is a New Jersey Home Remodeling and Custom Home Builder, an experienced and committed Design/Build Firm focused to suit your needs. Located in Manchester NJ, we have worked with many satisfied homeowners in every corner of New Jersey.

Since 1998, H & N Custom Homes has taken homeowners’ satisfaction very seriously, and with his influence, H & N Custom Homes has won numerous awards throughout the area for thoughtful design & marketplace ethics. Due to their efforts, Remodeling Magazine named Dream Design Builders as one of the prestigious Big 50 remodeling firms in the country.

H & N Custom Homes is the definitely different New Jersey home remodeling and custom home builder. What’s different? Well, just about everything, from the moment we meet you until the time we complete your project.

We listen more than we talk.
It’s your dream, and we realize you know more about what you want than we do. That’s definitely different. Our job is to understand what you want, design it, and build it, while sharing our knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship so that your remodeled home provides you with years of enjoyment.

It’s a business about people, not materials.
You have needs, hopes, goals—yes, dreams—for your remodel. For you, it’s not about yards of concrete or buckets of nails. It’s about the DREAM kitchen remodel or DREAM family room addition that will, for the first time, allow you to host the entire family this holiday. Or perhaps it is the DREAM master bathroom and bedroom that will serve as your ultimate retreat and sanctuary. We understand and celebrate that. We don’t want you to just be satisfied when we’re done. We want you to be excited. That’s definitely different.
Every project has limits. Money. Time. Tolerance of disruption. You share your limitations and we listen and adjust. We don’t make you feel bad because the limits are there. That’s definitely different.

We make commitments and keep them.
We do what we say we’ll do, for the amount we say we’ll do it for. That’s definitely different.

We want you to ask questions.
We understand you might know little or nothing (yet) about home remodeling or building a custom home. We think it’s good to ask questions. Our job is to supply the information. That’s definitely different.

H & N Custom Homes
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