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A Truly Delightful Home-Remodeling
Project Experience…
If it is not already clear, we are a home-remodeling contractor in Mansfield Township, NJ that is obsessed with “wowing” our customers! For us, it’s about doing everything right—even the things that a homeowner won’t typically notice. For example, we follow best practices in dust control, we never cut corners, we never accept marginal work, we background check and drug test all our employees, and we insist that our team be neat and polite… no loud radios, no inappropriate talk, etc.,—that’s just not who we are.

In short, our “All-Under-One Roof” design build solution gives you a single point of contact for all your remodeling needs. You’ll get unprecedented direct owner access, unrivaled communication and updates, and an award winning design and build team dedicated to bringing your dream to life using a streamlined proven process…

The End Result: An ABSOLUTELY stunning final result you are going to love.

If we sound like your kind of home-remodeling contractor, give us a call. We’d be honored to give you a quote and help you make your project a reality…

Get ready for the most professional, worry-free, “not done until you say it’s done” remodeling project—welcome to H & N Custom Homes.

Every Step Of The Construction And Remodeling
Process Is Totally Professional…
And Lead By PROVEN, Fully Qualified EXPERTS For Home-Remodeling Projects.

If you have ever remodeled your home, or even if this is your first time at the attempt, you have probably noticed how incredibly difficult it is. How difficult it is to find ONE single home-remodeling contractor in Mansfield Township, NJ that can handle ALL of your construction and remodeling needs.

Some companies have fantastic designers, other companies have great carpenters, another company has a great cabinet guy, but trying to find it all under one roof was just near impossible…until now.

At H & N Custom Homes, We Have Created What We Believe To Be The PERFECT Home Remodeling And Construction Company In Mansfield Township.

Why Choose Us?
We have put together the best team of people you’ll find anywhere. We are specialists in home-safety remodeling projects for Mansfield Township — several of our team members are Certified Aging In Place Professionals holds a Certified Graduate Remodeler designation.

Four of our lead carpenters have 25 years or more experience. Two of our staff are certified award winning interior designers (with over 25 years combined experience). And we even have a licensed, registered occupational therapist that specializes in making sure your design is safe, functional, and “universal” in design.

In short, you are not going to find a better home-remodeling contractor to handle ALL of your remodeling needs.

At H & N Custom Homes, you will deal with a designer as your single point of contact. But, because we are a team and totally committed to your complete satisfaction, we assign you a designated project manager as well as a designated lead carpenter. By giving you a dedicated team that is focused on your project we eliminate much of the stress and anxiety found with the traditional design, bid, build process.

Want a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or basement remodel designed to be your ultimate man cave in Mansfield Township? We do it all. To find out more about why H & N Custom Homes is the only logical choice for your home construction and remodeling needs.