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H & N Custom Homes provides whole house renovations throughout Margate City, New Jersey. Let our whole home remodeling contractors in Margate City; customize your home improvement project. Our renovations are tailored to your tastes, lifestyle, and needs. Make no mistake about it; this home will reflect your personality and uniqueness. Nothing we do is cookie-cutter. What we build is your vision coupled with our experience and input.

Remodeling projects can seem intimidating. This is why we’re committed to walking you through the entire process. H & N Custom Homes is transparent and communicative throughout your project. Everything is run by you and you’ll never be left in the dark. We take the fact that you’ve entrusted us with your whole-house remodeling project very seriously. We attentively listen. We’re your partner from the start of your project to its finish and your satisfaction. We want our remodel to be the home you’ve always dreamed of.

In addition to handling bathroom and kitchen remodels, our whole house remodeling services in Margate City may include:

Your bedroom is more than just the place you sleep. It’s a space for relaxing. It’s a place for romance. It’s an escape at the end of a hectic day. Our H & N Custom Homes home remodeling contractors can build you a master suite you’ll love to get away to. We’ll listen to your master bedroom remodeling ideas and build per your specifications. Along the way, we’ll offer our input or make recommendations. Your Margate City master bedroom remodel may include:

• Walk-in Closets
• Built-in Shelving
• Warm & Relaxing Lighting with Dimmers
• Calming & Serene Paint Colors
• A Bump-Out for Extra Space
• New Windows
• Interior Wall Tear-Down for Maximum Space

Room additions are often needed to accommodate kids, aging or ailing parents, and to host or entertain guests. Even the smallest home additions like expanding a family room, converting a basement into a game room, or transforming an attic into an extra bedroom or home office can add functionality, comfort, and value to your home.

Our home remodeling contractors in Margate City will ensure any addition to your home harmonizes with the rest of your house and meets your needs.

We can also handle deck and porch additions, garage additions, or garage conversions throughout the Margate City.

Your living room is a hub for so many activities with family and friends. If any space in your home needs to reflect your tastes, it’s this high traffic room. This space also needs to be functional. This is where you and your friends assemble to watch the game. This is where you play with your children. This is where you chill on the couch binge watching your new favorite Netflix series. Let our home remodeling experts build you the perfect family room.

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