Home Remodeling MedfordH & N Custom Homes is a professional and client-friendly one-stop shop, fulfilling all of your remodeling, renovating and construction needs!

Licensed under the New Jersey Contractors Board, H & N Custom Homes has laid its foundations in New Jersey, combining the resources of highly skilled and expert General Contractors, Suppliers, Realtors, Interior Designers, Painters, Electricians,Plumbers and Carpenters under one roof.

H & N Custom Homes is committed to provide you the best remodeling, renovation and construction experience, succeeding with over 16 years of experience in the fields of:
• Indoor & Outdoor Remodeling
• Interior and Exterior Design
• Kitchen Renovation
• Flooring
• Painting
• Room Addition
• Landscaping
• Pool Restoration
• Real Estate Development

Using the latest in 3-D modeling technology, along with innovation, creativity and multidimensional knowledge of field work, H & N Custom Homes is the first choice for everyone!

Home Addition
When homeowners outgrow their current living space, sometimes it’s difficult to part with their home filled with years of memories. Instead of leaving your beloved home, consider expanding it by building up or out. H & N Custom Homes will assist you every step of the way from designing, plans and permits to the finest of details transforming your home into a spacious domain!

Kitchen Renovation
In every home, the kitchen is undoubtedly the focal point and gathering place and thus, kitchen remodeling in Medford is the number request by homeowners. Upgrading your kitchen flooring, cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and island are just some of the renovations that can not only significantly increase the value of your home, but give you and your family that awesome feeling of a fresh start and the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom remodeling in Medford is one of the most requested services in a home improvement project. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most visited room in the home, and thus we want our bathrooms to be an attractive and inviting place for our family and guests. You can trust H & N Custom Homes to create the perfect bathroom that will incorporate every upgrade to fit your style and needs.

We are committed to your happiness when it comes to transforming your old flooring into a gorgeous new floor. But in order to ensure that your flooring is as spectacular as it looks, proper installation is a must. When H & N Custom Homes’s team installs your tile, laminate, hardwood, carpet, marble, we guarantee that your floor will look its best and last for your enjoyment years to come.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint in or outside your home to make everything feel brand new again. Whether you’re just lightening up a room or making a complete color scheme change, H & N Custom Homes specializes in all different areas of paint choices and will help you decide what is right for you. We offer both interior and exterior wall painting, as well as specific areas such as pool decks, kitchen cabinetry, driveways, stair rails, metal and custom painting. Interior painting preparation includes full protection of windows, cabinets, wall fixtures, flooring/carpet, furniture, removal of wallpaper, filling in holes/cracks, repairing drywall, texturing.

Whether inside or outside, lighting always makes impressive changes to your home. H & N Custom Homes can help you choose the right lighting to reduce your energy costs while creating the right ambiance for your home. H & N Custom Homes covers installation of all lighting options such as recessed lights, indirect lighting, hardwired lighting, LED lighting, dimmable lights, spotlights and much more.