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Remodel Your Home or Business With Our Contracting and Remodeling Services.

H & N Custom Homes is focused on providing the right home maintenance and carpentry services for your home in Millburn, New Jersey. Our team is well trained and experienced in providing the right repair services for any situation.

We Cater our Services to Home and Business Owners to Deliver The Best!
We have the experience and up-to-date training needed to handle everything from small floods to fire damage. When we approach a home, our staff takes the time to look for evidence of potential damage in every area that has been affected. Being mold certified, we go beyond the surface to find issues that may impact your health months or years down the line, and remove it. By having your home repaired, you will not only make it livable again, but strive to make it a healthy place to live and raise a family in.

Our Goal in Remodeling
H & N Custom Homes approaches each project with the simple goal of helping you turn your renovation dreams into reality. Our staff will help you plan and select the right materials for everything from new cabinets to the right flooring for your home. With our experience, you will be able to enjoy a custom home that meets all of your needs.

Effective Remodeling and Repair Services
It is our mission to provide you with the most long-lasting repair and remodeling services available in Millburn and surrounding areas. We’ll make your home look the way you have always dreamed it could.

Carpentry Services: Doors | Jams | Cabinets | Molding | Framing
Wallcovering Installation and Repair Services: Interiors | Exteriors | Drywall | Textures | Patches
Maintenance Services: Locks | Door Knobs | Blinds | Home Inspections

Additional Installation and Repair Services: Home Weatherization, Like Insulation, Weather Stripping, and Caulking | Water Damage Repair | Overhead Door Installation/Repair | Pressure Washing, Cleaning, and Trash Outs | Flooring Installation/Repair, Including Wood, Laminate, and Baseboards

Handling Any Situation
Our team can handle repair or remodeling services in a wide variety of circumstances. We have handled REO foreclosures, HOA violations, and tenant/owner improvements throughout our decades of experience.