Home Remodeling MillvilleH & N Custom Homes in Millville, New Jersey

H & N Custom Homes is a full-service home remodeling company located in Millville, New Jersey. We have been providing high-quality architectural design and home remodeling in Millville and surrounding areas since 1996. We want to help you create surroundings that complement your life and develop creative remodeling solutions to meet the challenges that your space may present.

We continuously strive to meet and respect all types of home remodeling budgets and offer both full-scale remodeling as well as quality home improvement services at affordable price. Our clients often tell us that we exceed their expectations and that is our goal. Whether it’s a bathroom, basement, addition, kitchen, or cabinetry project, contact us today to setup a free design consultation.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects
If you’re looking to open up your kitchen area, or if you’re in need of a design update, H & N Custom Homes is ready to help with your kitchen remodeling and renovation project. Our experienced crew is ready to assist you in creating a remodeled space that fits your needs and aesthetic eye.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects
Whether you want to renovate or update the look of your bathroom, H & N Custom Homes can provide you with a personalized solution that fulfills your needs. Our experienced and professional design and construction team is ready to help you with your bathroom remodeling and renovation project.

Home Additions
Thinking about adding some extra space to your home? The design and construction team at H & N Custom Homes is ready to assist you with all of your home addition project needs.

Basement Remodeling Projects
Whether you need an extra place to relax or entertain, H & N Custom Homes can help. Our experienced remodeling and renovation crew are ready to assist you with recreating your old basement and lower levels into a space that’s right for you.

Whole House Remodeling Projects
Doing a complete, top-to-bottom remodel of a house is not for the faint of heart. That’s why H & N Custom Homes is ready to assist you with your whole house remodeling projects. Our staff and crew will simplify the whole house remodeling process to help create a new, unified look and feel for your home that works for you, without the headache or hassle.

Contact us today for a free design consultation.