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Our Solution for Design-Build Remodeling in New Jersey
When H & N Custom Homes was founded in 1997, they set out with a simple goal: to be the best home remodeler in the New Jersey area.

To achieve their goal, H & N Custom Homes knew that quality, creativity and client care were the keys to success. “Is there a better way to do this?” became their guiding principle. Even today, they are constantly seeking ways to improve H & N Custom Homes’s level of quality from top to bottom.

When adding members to their team, the H & N Custom Homes followed the same principle, ensuring that every new member had the same drive. Together, the entire Hurst team has developed a set of core values that maintain H & N Custom Homes’s pursuit of excellence.

By following these principles, H & N Custom Homes’s award-winning team has helped hundreds of New Jersey homeowners love their homes again, while becoming known for its high standards and earning peer recognition as an industry leader.

Design Build Process
While making a major change to your home is exciting and rewarding, it can also seem overwhelming. That’s why H & N Custom Homes has created a unique process to guide each project from idea to reality—ensuring clear communication, timeliness and organization, and exceptional quality.

It’s all about the Design-Build
To a lot of people, the “Design-Build Remodeling” part in our name sounds a little unusual. And it is, actually, the thing that makes H & N Custom Homes different. It’s the reason we have hundreds of ecstatic clients around New Jersey. It’s the reason we can provide the absolute best in quality AND client satisfaction.

Design-Build is the type of remodeling we do, and here’s what it means: we have top in-house designers and architectural engineers who will work with you to design the space of your dreams, and while they’re working with you, they’re also including our expert craftsmen in the process.

Design-Build Remodeling offers our clients two huge advantages:

One, your designer has the resources to create a functional, “real-world” plan: it can be built with the materials you’ve specified within your budget. Two, it prepares our craftsmen to seamlessly build your design when it’s time. They’re ready to go and ready to focus on quality, not playing catch-up to understand the design.

You’ll find that we are one of very few remodelers in the New Jersey area who provide Design-Build services. When you choose H & N Custom Homes, you’ll also find that each phase of your project is handled smoothly and professionally, with clear communication between you and H & N Custom Homes.

If you already have a design, we would still love to help make your plan a reality. Our team of professionals is happy to complete a project, no matter what phase of the process you’re in when you meet us.

Enjoying the Journey
Our #1 goal is to make sure that you Love Your Home Again, but we want you to enjoy the journey, too. So we’ve created a detailed process to make things easier for you.