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Maintain your home value
According to most real estate experts and economic analysts, the housing market in the United States is falling flat rapidly. What can a homeowner or investor do with their properties to get the most on their current investments? Even if the economy continues to falter, you can still make recession proof and cost-effective home improvements to boost the value of your home.

H & N Custom Homes starts by thinking creatively how to reduce waste in the construction process. Design and analyze the project so that you can reuse as much as possible of the structure, finishes, furnishings, and try to recycle other useful materials.

These are some of our home improvements services:
• Whole house Remodeling and Improvements
• Bathroom Remodeling and Improvements
• Kitchen Remodeling and Improvements
• Interior Renovation and Improvements
• Exterior Renovation and Improvements
• Basement Renovation and Improvements
• Senior home modification
• Handicap / wheelchair accessible remodeling
• Steel Gates
• Garage Doors
• Paving
• Interior/exterior Painting
• Decks and Patios
• Flooring
• Tiling
• Energy Efficient Windows & Skylights
• Subarea
• And many More

H & N Custom Homes primary building or work objectives besides satisfying our customer with our craftsmanship in home improvement are:

1. Conservation of natural resources – this is done by careful management of the construction process. We apply well-established remodeling process to avoid waste and help protect the environment. One example is by using engineered lumber and wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for our projects that can help ensure the long –term health of forests.

There are many remodeling strategies not only conserve natural resources but provide a lot of savings to our customers. Using durable materials and products such as roofing material with 40 t0 50 years warranties with recycled content will be a very cost-effective investment for home owners.

2. Using energy wisely – Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of every green home. Energy efficiency also makes good sense to a lot of homeowners. A well designed and energy efficient home will have a huge utility bills payback. Double-pane and low E windows makes home much cooler in summer and warm in winter, better insulation reduces uncomfortable drafts.

3. Improve indoor quality – An average American family spend 90% of their time indoor. A study made by U.S. Environmental protection Agency concluded that the air inside our house is ten times more polluted than outdoor air.

A major source of indoor pollution is volatile organic compound or VOC’s, chemicals that off gas in many building materials. Exposure to these chemicals may cause range of symptoms from headaches, eye irritation and more severe effects. Using selective materials and products that are free or low in VOC in home remodeling process can definitely help promoting a healthy indoor quality and health of the homeowners.

4. Make communities livable.
Our choice and work practice in home improvement/renovations / remodeling have an impact on other people lives for decades to come. A remodeled home that didn’t take energy efficiency and proper waste disposal into account will waste energy year after year and may dump poisonous construction waste in the community resulting in air pollution and global warming that can affect all of us. By being conscious and by using green home improvement principles and strategies we can make an impact to the community. Making it more livable, healthy and sustainable thru cost effective and environmental friendly home improvement and renovations.