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H & N Custom Homes has been providing our clients with an exceptional renovation project experience. We deliver a high touch, high quality experience that people have come to know and trust through:
• Clear communications
• Timely updates during each step of the process
• Online Gantt chart project schedule
• Computer-aided drafting
• Several other next-gen, user-friendly tools
• Our diligence over the years has been recognized by our clients and industry leaders. We have been fortunate to have worked with some fun folks.

Design / build is a method of project delivery in which one entity — H & N Custom Homes — works under a single contract with you, the homeowner to complete the entire custom remodeling project. This means that there is one entity, one contract, and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. Imagine all that benefits that a personal and proven design / build process can have on the renovation’s final results.

When you work with a design / build firm like H & N Custom Homes, we don’t expect you to know “what comes next.” We have a clearly defined and proven process that walks our clients through the renovation process from concept to completion. Refined through years of diligent work and experience, our processes have been streamlined to their most effective iterations.

If you were not working with a design / build firm and instead had to coordinate with a general contractor, an architect and a design professional, the opportunities for something not to get communicated correctly are vast, especially when each of these businesses has their own unique process that does not necessarily work with the others.

What happens during the game of telephone? Does the message at the end of the chain usually get relayed exactly the way it was spoken to the first person? There is nothing more personal than a home renovation. Is the game of telephone the system you would entrust to have your family’s needs met?

The H & N Custom Homes Design / Build Process is a simple, personal and effective one. It begins when you, the client, call us. During a brief phone call, we make sure we are a good fit for your project in terms of location and budget. If so, we will then set an appointment to meet in your home to discuss your ideas for the project.

Once costs have been determined and agreed upon, you receive the most incredibly detailed and comprehensive contract including:
• input from our interior designer,
• drawings for your existing space,
• a new proposed floor plan,
• cabinet plans and elevations,
• electrical plan,
• tile plan,
• all of the selections (plumbing and electrical fixtures, granite, tile, cabinets),
• along with a detailed and thorough construction contract.

We help you see how each element of the project influences and works with another.

We respect your time by presenting all of that to you at once, during a single meeting, instead of asking you to meet with multiple entities.

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