H & N Custom Homes
Who We Are:
• Full-service, Design/Build, kitchen, bath, addition and whole-house remodeler serving North Hanover Township area.
• Experts in guiding homeowners through the remodeling process.
• In-house design services, detailed proposals, smooth-running construction process.
• Licensed for over 30 years.
• Verifiable, customer satisfaction ratings through GuildQuality (an independent customer satisfaction survey company).

From Your Perspective:
In addition to award-winning results, H & N Custom Homes focuses on the process and your positive remodeling experience. Our homeowner-oriented business practices include:
• Comprehensive design.
• Constant communication with the homeowner.
• Detailed project proposals.
• Professional, knowledgeable employees and subcontractors.
• On-time job completion.
• Prompt warranty and service response.
• Performance evaluations on every project.
• Licensed, bonded, general liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance for H & N Custom Homes and all its subcontractors.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional, Design-Build Approach?
• Increased communication and less opportunity for things to slip between the cracks.
• Attention to all of the details in the design and in the detailed proposal for construction.
• Education about the remodeling process, design & products.
• Budget with the design geared toward a realistic budget.
• You have a guide for the entire remodel process.
• Develop trust and confidence, by getting to know the company and their abilities.
• Better service, since you work with one company throughout the entire process.
• More time devoted to you and your project to determine the best possible in both design and products.
• Minimize changes and cost increases by making all product selections prior to construction.
• Creates realistic expectations, so you have a complete understanding of your project’s details.
• Guaranteed quality ensured by diligent oversight of your project.
• Reduce stress and speed up the process by doing details before construction.
• Feasible and cost effective projects can be designed.
• Familiarity and expertise with the entire process.
• Seamless transition between the phases.
• The best value can be achieved.

Planning Basics for Your Remodel – Items to Consider:
1. Determine what you really want. What are your basic priorities and the goals for your remodel project? Write down your basic list and your ultimate wish list.
2. Cut pictures from magazines and look on-line. Make notes and formulate questions about the various products and designs that you may be potentially interested in.
3. Determine a budget. This will help determine the scope of work that is feasible to undertake. Get familiar with current remodeling costs and the value of home improvements. Home & Garden Television (HGTV) programs are not the real world and what you read on the internet may not be realistic either. You can check out “Remodeling” magazine’s “Cost Versus Value Report” (www.CostVersusValueReport.com). Each year a new report comes out.
4. Consider financing for the project. If necessary, make inquiries with your mortgage broker, mortgage lender, or credit union to see what you can qualify for. Determine if you will pay for the improvements by cash, or through a loan, or both.