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Home Remodeling
Big enough to handle big remodeling projects. Small enough to give you the attention you want.
For over 15 years, hundreds of NJ homeowners have picked H & N Custom Homes.

Why Choose H & N Custom Homes?
Top reasons NJ homeowners love H & N Custom Homes

Seamless Design/Build Process
We bring the entire remodeling process — from design through construction — under one roof. The result: a smooth project that fits your budget, open and constant communication, and peace of mind of working with one team from start to finish.

On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee
Nervous about schedule or cost overruns? Avoid surprises with the On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee. Pay what you agree to, and enjoy your home when you expect to.

Total Quality Management (TQM)
Throughout your project we follow many best practices — like air sealing additions — that aren’t required by building code but result in superior work for our clients. We rigorously document and share this focus on quality.

Conscientiously Clean
Our crews make a special effort to keep the worksite safe, clean and keep dust and dirt confined to the work area. Plus, we clean the work area daily.

Online Project Management System
Stay in the loop with our web-based project management tool. Check anytime to see the latest schedule, status, and budget of your project and communicate with your team, all in one place.

Energy and Building Performance
We use state-of-the-art equipment and a “whole house” approach to increase your home’s energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and make your home more comfortable.

Kid and Pet Friendly
We don’t assume that the children or pets exercise the same good sense as adults in the home, so we’ve developed procedures to ensure their comfort and safety during our projects.

Sensibly Green
Go green without putting your finances in the red. Winn offers green building approaches, materials and technologies that are friendly to the environment and your wallet.