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Home Remodeling in Paulsboro, New Jersey
Do you need to remodel your home? Need more space for a growing family? Interested in turning your outdated space into a contemporary one? H & N Custom Homes is the company to call! We are a premier home remodeling and design-build company in the NJ area—we serve every neighborhood.

If you’re looking for the best home remodeling companies, look no further. Every H & N Custom Homes remodel takes the details into consideration, from the home’s overall style to the surrounding neighborhood. Our award-winning team knows how to modernize historic Paulsboro homes but also stay true to the overall style. We have experience remodeling all types of homes in Paulsboro.

H & N Custom Homes understands that a home remodel should be completely rewarding and that collaboration is the key to a great remodel. We strive for “excellent,” not just “good.” And our team works together to achieve excellence and give you the best results possible. See what a past client in Paulsboro said about their remodel:
“We are very pleased with the outcome. The space is more open, warm, and inviting.” – Susan and Larry.

The Advantages of a Design-Build Company
When subcontractors and third parties are involved in home remodeling projects, communication can sometimes be compromised and efficiency can be lost. With more people, this is almost natural. But H & N Custom Homes is your single point of contact—we have in-house architects, designers and craftsmen who can work together to ensure a seamless, smooth remodel from start to end.

Kitchen Remodeling
Whether you mainly use the kitchen to cook for your family or you love to entertain and have guests over, the kitchen should look and function how you want. H & N Custom Homes loves kitchen remodeling projects; they provide the perfect space for a fusion of function and design. A thoughtful kitchen remodel can add value to your home and transform a formerly cramped room into a custom space that suits your every need and stylistic preferences.

We begin every kitchen remodeling project with research and base our design on the homeowners’ needs and desires. Many years of experience have shown us that a truly beautiful kitchen is one that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have successfully remodeled hundreds of Paulsboro kitchens.

Necessity and Luxury in Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are a necessity, but they can also be a place of serenity where you can focus on indulgences. When you hire H & N Custom Homes to design and build your new bathroom, the final product will improve your daily routine and add value to your home.

Our holistic approach to bathroom design takes into consideration all aspects of the current bathroom and surrounding rooms. A bathroom remodeling project can be as simple as updating the bathroom within its current footprint, but it typically involves the redesign and reconfiguration of a cramped bathroom and master bedroom. Many of the older homes traditionally found in Paulsboro are long on charm but feature bathrooms that need updates. Using our years of experience with bathroom remodeling, we are able to effectively maximize size and minimize cost.

Re configuring Your Home
Re configuring your home’s interior space can be an effective way to achieve your dream home without the expense of putting on a whole new addition. A more efficient floor plan often reveals hidden potential in your home that can be turned into usable, functional space. A home does not often need more space – existing space simply needs to be used differently.

Basements are a particularly valuable area of your Paulsboro home. Reconfiguring basement space is a valuable way to benefit from space that already exists in your home. Basement space can often be put to better use as playrooms, home offices and entertainment spaces. In order to maximize basement space, H & N Custom Homes can move or conceal existing mechanical equipment, alter ductwork to gain space, and relocate a poorly laid out bathroom.

If you love your neighborhood and don’t want to move to accommodate a growing family unless absolutely necessary, a home addition may be an economical and efficient solution. A H & N Custom Homes home addition allows you to keep things you love about your home while improving upon the things you don’t. Whether it’s a larger kitchen, a new bathroom or an extra bedroom, home additions require careful architectural study.

Personalize Your Home with Custom Details

Custom details are one of the best ways to turn a house into a unique home. A H & N Custom Homes home remodel can transform your Paulsboro home and add special details and features that fit your lifestyle and design preferences. Our architects and interior designers will work with you to build custom home details into your new space, whether that space is a kitchen, a bathroom or a basement. Used strategically, custom home details like wainscot, special shape windows and more will take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

No matter where you are in Paulsboro or anywhere else— H & N Custom Homes has you covered. We have completed many home remodeling projects in Paulsboro.

If you want a home that is perfect for you and your family and the best it can be, contact H & N Custom Homes today. Call us to set up an appointment!