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H & N Custom Homes is a remodeling company that is dedicated to providing customers with the best service, quality craftsmanship, and everything needed to make their home what they want it to be. What’s more is that our services add value to the home while making it more functional and aesthetically appealing.

Interior & Exterior Remodeling
Of the many services we offer are interior and exterior remodeling. We can replace a small section of siding or install all new; we can also build a new deck for you. The advantage of building a new deck is the fact that it adds value to the home. This improves resell value and that helps you build equity. Nonetheless, a deck gives you space to enjoy the outdoors and have gatherings without having to be in the grass. Decks can also be built to accommodate hot tubs and swimming pools.
When you need a change of scenery inside, we can remodel rooms for you. We also go as complex as your kitchen or bathroom and can install the cabinetry and also install new flooring so the room will look much different than it did before the remodel.

Another exterior element of the home that needs attention is the roof. As H & N Custom Homes, we can inspect your roof, identify the damage, repair that damage or replace the roof when it is damaged so badly it needs it, and make sure your roof remains in great condition for the long-term. If your roof is damaged and allowed to leak, you could be in a situation where the water reaches the interior walls and causes expensive repairs.

Windows & Doors
Your windows and doors are also very important in that they offer temperature control and security. They also look nice. When it comes to exterior doors, like windows, they contribute to climate control so you can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Interior doors are also important, so you want doors that look great and are sturdy.

Additions & New Construction
If more space is what you need, we do new construction and additions that will give you the additional room that you want and the functionality that you need. We make sure the home addition process is carried out correctly so you do not have to worry about leaks or other issues. By the time we’re done, it will seem like the addition was naturally a part of the home to begin with.

Contact H & N Custom Homes
If the exterior of your home has sustained wear and tear that is noticeable or is causing issues, we can help. We can also change the appearance of your interior and/or exterior, make sure you have quality windows and doors, fix or replace your roof, and much more. To find out more about what we can do to change the appearance and functionality of your home for the right price, call us to request a free estimate.