Home Remodeling PlainfieldH & N Custom Homes

H & N Custom Homes has been honored to build, remodel, add additions to, and completely renovate some of the finest homes and estates in Plainfield. As a builder of custom and luxury homes that are befitting Architectural Digest quality and standards, our residential work has been featured in magazines and have been exclusively selected to be on the high end home and kitchen tours. We have worked with exclusive architects and designers from Plainfield and New Jersey area.

We can complete any size of residential project. We have built and renovated homes in all price ranges.
We have done extensive work in historic fine home renovation, historic home additions, historic remodeling as well as new historic construction approved by the Historic Preservation Board. Every project we have presented to the Board has been approved with the exception of one that the City Council overruled their decision in our favor for our client. The Board has even recommended our consulting services in open session to those people who are unfamiliar with the strict guidelines.

Every one of our historic projects has passed inspection as well. Our residential services also include working with insurance companies for storm, water and fire damage, installing storm shelters, general repairs, and changing anything you just want to change. We manage several estates on an ongoing basis.

Our innovation and expertise are second to none. Our priority to our clients is shown through the care we take in our designs and quality of work. The homes we build are aesthetically and structurally sound from the front curb to the back fence. We stand behind our product. We promise to execute your vision for your home, exactly the way you see it… or most often, even better!

H & N Custom Homes is known as a mid level commercial construction company. We have built out everything from restaurants, engineering firms, trust companies, oil companies, laboratories and more.
We know that your vision for your business environment is a key factor to your success. Structure, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are our focuses for your commercial construction needs. Our desire is for you to see yourself succeeding in your environment – one that best suits the goals of your company.

If you have a challenging project in the future that requires a general contractor and construction management firm that can surpass any expectation you can imagine, give us a call.