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For more than 30 years, H & N Custom Homes has provided home and business contracting services to homeowners and business owners throughout Pleasantville, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Our trained, licensed, and bonded staff is focused on preventing lingering signs of flood or damage from showing. In addition to restoring apartments and houses, we also provide comprehensive renovation services. Our team has worked with landlords, banks handling foreclosures, and private homeowners.

When our team arrives at your house, we take the time to develop a complete understanding of the situation. Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen for a modern cooking environment or update the bathroom, we can give the look you want. Our team treats your home like their own, and strives to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

H & N Custom Homes your premier home and business remodeling company has the experience and training needed to provide your home with the repairs it needs. We handle everything from floods to complete renovations, taking great care to leave you with a space that is functional, beautiful, and healthy. We specialize in renovations and kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Remodel Your Home or Business With Our Contracting and Remodeling Services
H & N Custom Homes is focused on providing the right home maintenance and carpentry services for your home in Pleasantville. Our team is well trained and experienced in providing the right repair services for any situation.

We Cater our Services to Home and Business Owners to Deliver The Best!
We have the experience and up-to-date training needed to handle everything from small floods to fire damage. When we approach a home, our staff takes the time to look for evidence of potential damage in every area that has been affected. Being mold certified, we go beyond the surface to find issues that may impact your health months or years down the line, and remove it. By having your home repaired, you will not only make it livable again, but strive to make it a healthy place to live and raise a family in.