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We are a bunch of professionals doing architectural jobs
We here at H & N Custom Homes believe that the elevator is out of order, it always has been. We understand that we have to take the stairs and climb them one step at a time in order to get to the top.

We also understand and believe that with integrity, honesty, commitment, consistency and a burning desire to keep learning, improving and exceeding our customer’s expectations that we will… “See You at the Top”


1. Initial Meeting
H & N Custom Homes will come to your home, discuss the scope of work you would like to have accomplished and what your target budget is. They will capture Architectural schematics of the existing structure. They will also discuss with you when you would like your project to begin, when you would like your project to be completed and any special requests you may have. We will gather all your particular specifications such as type of siding, type of roofing, flooring, lighting, colors, cabinets, hardware, and fixtures. And together with you the customer we will design and create an Architectural drawing of your future project. This will help confirm the preliminary design. At this time your second meeting will be scheduled typically one week out.

2. Secondary Meeting
H & N Custom Homes will review with you a comprehensive estimate of your project with all specifications included. You will discuss product selections, finishes, elevations and conceptual floor plans, make changes if necessary, establish a draw schedule, set your project start and completion dates. We take pride in the fact that we can offer to our customers Contracts that state completion dates with a Penalty Clause if we are late.

3. Pre-Construction Conference
This meeting is very important, instead of us trying to explain your project off a drawing to our people, H & N Custom Homes will meet at your home, to review all of your project details including elevations, drawings and materials. All measurements will be double checked. This will allow everyone involved in the process to meet, assess the scope of work to be performed and align all expectations.

4. Behind the Scenes
Before and during construction it is our #1 goal to keep your home dust free, maintain your security and your privacy. We have several ways of accomplishing this. Your home outside of your family is usually your most prized possession and our company strives to treat it that way. Our goal is to keep your home neat and clean on a daily basis. Engineered Drawings are completed, permits are applied for. Materials are ordered. Project is scheduled from start to completion. Upon completion of your project, a final cleaning will be performed. You will have a thorough walk-thru to inspect the craftsmanship of your project. You will be provided with a Contractor’s Final Affidavit of No Liens and Warranties.

Just remember we work with and for you.
We are well known for the difficult additions from second story additions to elevators. It goes without saying that anything you do to your home is special, so why not build up or out. We are the builders to see that idea become reality.
We are very proud of our ratings not just with the BBB but with our customers. It is truly a good feeling to know when you ask someone how you heard about us, we hear, I heard about you from…….. There is no better advertizing then that of a happy customer.

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