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Advocacy for You and the Environment
We are your fiercest advocates. Bringing all the necessary resources to bear on a project can be a complex affair with scheduling, costs, resource availability and many other elements. Our focus is on getting you the best possible service and products. We advocate for the materials and practices that fit with your goals. Then we use your goals to guide us in selecting “green” materials and “green” building practices. From renewable energy, to building a home that uses natural resources wisely, we have the training, certifications, and the field-experience to make your house as “green” as you wish.

We are outstanding in our ability to be flexible in service to our clients.
Projects can have many twists and turns. They will be both expected and unexpected. There will be many things that come up in the course of a project that will require flexibility. Foremost is our ability to accommodate changes and to turn difficult situations into opportunities for our clients.

Integrity and Craftsmanship
Many professionals talk about these values. We “walk” them. The evidence is in our work and what our clients say about us. We are proud of our work and our involvement in our community. Our team is highly trained in both theory and real-world experience. We hold the virtues of integrity and craft in high esteem. Tours of past and current projects can be arranged to demonstrate this.

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful project. Absence of it results in conflict, confusion and frustration. We strive towards clear and open communication with our clients from start to finish. Building your home is a rare and life changing process. It should be experienced and remembered as a positive and enriching time.

We offer as much detail as is possible related to the costs of a project, our material margins and access to our subcontractor partners. You will see this evidenced in our quotations which are among the most detailed available. You will also see it demonstrated in many other aspects of our daily work with you.

As your partner we use all channels of information to give you advice, perspective, and opinions to help you achieve your overall goals. You are in the driver’s seat when making the decisions. Our job is to give you the options, the implications of each, and our recommendations. Once you make your decisions, it’s our job to make them happen.
We partner with the highest quality trades-people from the electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing, heating and ventilation community. They are our partners because they continually demonstrate the values we articulate here.
Woven through the fabric of our partnerships is the environment and our mission to provide green, healthy, and sustainable homes. Over the last five years, we and our clients have partnered to reduce our environmental footprint by an average of more than 30%.

You get a better overall experience when you combine design and construction in one company. Our design/build process provides you with a living space that will meet a lifetime of expectations, and a construction experience that will surpass them.

We work very hard to couple your dreams with the budget realities of residential construction, to create the optimal solutions for your specific situation. Our integrated design-build approach ensures that your design connects with the practical wisdom of our craftsmen and that the building process is infused with an intimate understanding of the overall design goals.

This proven process allows us to provide the most efficient delivery of great design and craftsmanship, often at a considerable savings. Learn more about custom home design and home building.