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When Service and Quality Count
You Can Count on the H & N Custom Homes
The H & N Custom Homes is a custom remodeling company dedicated to service and quality and prides itself on keeping our clients informed and work area clean and safe.

You can count on us for a variety of services, including handyman projects and renovations. Depend on us for design and installation services on everything from doorknobs to additions.

Classic Kitchen Remodeling
Build the kitchen of your dreams with the help of the crew at The H & N Custom Homes. You will love the top-quality service we provide at an excellent price. We are well-known for our service in the area.
• Remodel All Parts of Your Kitchen
• Design and remodeling
• Full kitchen remodeling
• Partial kitchen remodeling
• Countertops
• Cabinets
• Moving of walls

Beautiful Bathrooms
Create a relaxing oasis in your home by having the professionals at The H & N Custom Homes remodel your bathroom. You will love the quality, service, and price offered by our local, family-owned business.
• Get Full Design and Remodeling Services
• Full bathroom remodeling
• Partial bathroom remodeling
• Countertops
• Cabinets
• Moving of walls
• Plumbing services with remodeling

Incredible Additions
Are you running out of space in your home? Add extra space for living and storage by getting an addition from H & N Custom Homes.
• Build an Addition
• Great rooms
• Decks
• Sunrooms
• Porches
• Garages
• Siding

Amazing Large Remodeling
Remodel large areas of your home with the help of the professionals at H & N Custom Homes. We offer a one-year guarantee on labor and honor all manufacturers’ guarantees. The owner is on-site at the beginning of all projects to assure that all parties have a full understanding of the scope of work. The owner is always available throughout the project to ensure the project stays on course.

Many Renovation Services
• Baths
• Kitchens
• Barns
• Basements
• Bedrooms
• Living rooms
• Rec rooms

Skilled Small Remodeling
When you need small remodeling services, turn to the team at H & N Custom Homes. You can count on us for a wide variety of small remodeling services. We are well-known in the area for our service and quality.

Various Small Remodeling Services
• Beams
• Closets
• Doors – interior and exterior
• Entry ways
• Floors
• Framing
• Insulation
• Molding
• Sheetrock
• Trim
• Walls

To schedule an appointment, call us today at 8 H & N Custom Homes.