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Remodeling Services
H & N Custom Homes has an impeccable reputation as a full-service, fine-home remodeler serving Wallington, NJ. Whether you are looking to open up walls and create a light and spacious kitchen, indulge in your own bathroom sanctuary, or add a much-needed bedroom—we are the trusted remodeling company to exceed your expectations in getting the job done.

If you are just beginning to think about a renovation, we’d love to talk to you about ideas of how you can best utilize your current footprint to transform it into the space you are dreaming of. Or, alternatively, if you are far down the path and are working with an architect—we welcome the collaborative process and pride ourselves in being the company to beautifully execute your plans.

About Us
H & N Custom Homes is a fine-home remodeler serving Wallington, NJ that is built upon the principles of meticulous project management married with beautiful execution. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we offer an extremely high-level of customer service and pride in quality workmanship. Those who choose to work with us have usually done quite a bit of research and ultimately select us because of our consistently-high reputation on Angie’s list, The Better Business Bureau, and from current and past client referrals and references.

Meticulous Project Management
The founder and co-owner of H & N Custom Homes, began in 1979 building homes in the Greater New Jersey area, as well as remodeling projects. He soon found his passion lay in remodeling homes and he went about creating a company with the mission of bringing his clients’ remodeling ideas to life while exceeding their expectations of service.

It was this passion for impeccable delivery that lay the foundation for the H & N Custom Homes team today. From start to finish—we want you to come away saying, “Wow! That was a fantastic experience.” Many of our clients with larger renovation projects will come to us with architectural plans already created. We welcome the collaboration with you and your architect and our clients often remark that we make the process effortless. And for clients who have an idea–but need help with the next step, we are thrilled to use our design experience or refer an architect where appropriate and tailor a solution to your specific tastes.

Beautiful Execution
Whether you are looking for low-key luxe, modern and clean, classic New England traditional or somewhere in between–our job is to take your vision, get the team in place, relentlessly manage the timeline, and move your project to successful completion. Every member of our team respects you, your home, and your time. As such, sites will be picked up every day and you will find our skilled workers to be mindful of your need to live and manage within your home while the project takes place.

Our materials are selected to endure and project managers regularly inspect work to ensure it maintains our highest workmanship standards. At the end of the project, we want you feeling like you made a fantastic decision to work with H & N Custom Homes.