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Wharton Home Remodeling
H & N Custom Homes is a new construction builder in Wharton, NJ. As a general contractor in Wharton, H & N Custom Homes specializes in total home remodeling, residential room additions, kitchen remodels, bath remodels, custom outdoor living areas and new home construction.

As a design, build, remodel contractor in Wharton, we specialize in construction and home remodeling. We employ only expert craftsmen and install the finest quality materials in every project we undertake. Request a free in-home consultation today to see what we can do for your Wharton home remodeling project.

Our Wharton remodeling services all start with an in-home consultation. There is no guess work. We discuss your needs, enter into a design agreement and create a custom plan down to every detail. You will know exactly what your remodeling project will cost and we will assist you in choosing from the latest styles, materials, appliances, fixtures and finishes.

Most remodeling projects require multiple trades such as framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, drywall and stucco. There are often modifications to structural walls and changes to windows and doors. As a licensed General Contractor in Wharton, NJ, we have the craftsmen to handle all aspects of home remodeling. Other remodelers are often unqualified or cut corners by completing work without proper engineering and permits. Not only can this be unsafe, it will also affect the sales value because of the substandard workmanship and lack of inspections.

The H & N Custom Homes remodeling packages include design, space planning, permit fees, project supervision, and the finest materials, installed by our expert craftspeople making sure that your custom remodeling project in Wharton is nothing short of perfect!

The Difference
H & N Custom Homes provides professional services assisting and advising Wharton area clients throughout pre-design, design, and construction phases of your new build or remodeling project. We make ourselves available to our Wharton area clients and take the time to listen, see their vision, concerns and individual home improvement needs.

The ability to design and build is a skill set that very few companies can claim. The ability to understand your needs and desires and then transforming them into a pleasing and desirable design is a special skill. Since we create your design, we know all the details that are needed to build the project.

It is unfortunate that many people have had disappointing experiences with remodeling or renovation projects. If that has happened to you, we know that you don’t want to go through that again. We provide you with over 20 current references so you can feel comfortable that we have the specific experience your project requires.

Why Choose H & N Custom Homes?
• Non-Franchise & Locally Owned in Wharton
• Our Clients Are Always Priority #1
• Superior Results & Workmanship
• Consistently Exceed Expectations
• Excellent Reviews & Current References
• Provide Excellent Value