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When a homeowner is proud of their home, they want to show it off to all their friends, neighbors and families. Every homeowner wants to host dinner parties and let others be in awe over their kitchen. Unfortunately, when you purchase a home, it is not always ready to be a showroom for you. Houses are often diamonds in the rough. This is why you need H & N Custom Homes. Our goal is to renovate your Barnegat Light, NJ, home and make it into something you are proud to show off!

We will remodel your kitchen to create a space where you will love cooking. When doing a kitchen remodel, we find out how you cook and determine ways to make the flow of your kitchen smoother. We will also enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, which can change the way you think of cooking. By opening up the kitchen, we can also make sure you are able to remain part of the family while you are cooking. Your family may even join you in your newly renovated kitchen!

We will renovate your bathroom, taking any old, sad bathroom and restoring it to a luxurious place where you can relax in a tub,or just feel the need to smile while you brush your teeth. If your current bathroom seems more like a tunnel than a room in your house, we can change that. There is no need for you to be ashamed about your bathroom. When we remodel a bathroom, we transform it into a place a beauty. You will never close your bathroom door again!

Are you looking to make your bathroom accessible? We can install a walk-in tub, bars to assist you in moving around, and add cabinets and sinks that are easily reached depending on your situation. Creating an accessible bathroom starts with the doorway, and does not end until every part of the bathroom is easily accessible.

We will do this for you!

We at H & N Custom Homes, believe that everyone can afford to have a beautiful kitchen, an innovative bathroom. We can handle any kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel in the Barnegat Light area.
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