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Got a kitchen remodeling idea you’d like to bring to life? A professional contractor will listen closely to your goals and needs to ensure your project is everything you hope for. Transforming your whole space can be an easy process when you work with the right team. Choose a full expansion or overhaul if you need to move walls and cabinets to create the lavish open floor plan you’ve always wanted. With comprehensive kitchen remodeling, you can make the most out of the space you have and improve your room’s functionality, so cooking is more enjoyable and efficient. Our Farmingdale Kitchen Contractor partner contractors can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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If you’d simply like to update the look and feel of your existing space, without performing major construction, there are many basic updates to choose from.

New Cabinets: Update your cabinets in a style and finish of your choosing, increase your storage space, or add an island for an additional workspace with ease.

Refacing: Not sure if new cabinets are in your budget? Ask about affordable cabinet lines or refacing.

Lighting: Whether you’re a culinary genius or simply want to improve the warmth of your room, updating the lighting is sure to do the trick. Lots of newer Eco-conscious options are available, so you can save on your electric bill too.

Plumbing: Fresh fixtures can completely change the look of your space, but it’s also important to change them out regularly to ensure they’re in proper working order, especially if your home has hard water.

Sinks: Your sink is one of the most-used items in the entire room and older sinks can look worn out or even pose risks with leaks. Whether you want a sleek and modern stainless sink, rugged and durable cast iron, or versatile and trendy farmhouse sink, professional installation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the look and longevity of your investment.

Counters: Although counter tops are generally handled alongside cabinet replacements or refacing, you can update them at any time. Granite, butcher block, marble, quartz, and concrete are all popular choices. You can also opt for laminate, which tends to be more affordable and can take on the look of your favorite materials.

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