Freneau Kitchen ContractorH & N Custom Homes is a great home improvement that will not only add style and function to your home, it will add value to your property as well as enrich your daily life. For those reasons alone, kitchen remodels are becoming one of the most popular home investments for Freneau homeowners. If your kitchen is lacking adequate storage space or is becoming too small for your growing family, you should contact our expert kitchen remodeling contractor at H & N Custom Homes.

When it comes to Freneau kitchen remodeling you can rest assured that it will make a huge impact on the look, feel, and value of your Norfolk home. Since kitchen renovation can be a complicated task requiring skill and expertise in the construction industry, you should leave all the work to the Freneau home improvement at H & N Custom Homes. Our experts are highly experienced and use complete attention to detail in every job that they do. Contact our kitchen remodeling contractors today for more information on how our Freneau kitchen remodeling services can add value to your home.

We design new houses, remodel existing, create room additions and provide construction plans, as well as building permits for our clients. Our clientele come in for residential and commercial projects. Due to our prompt and comparatively priced service we have excellent references. Our office located in NJ.

We strive to provide you with a healthy home, environment tailored to your family or work needs. We believe in a net positive house. Most time implementing simple elements during the design stage, like proper window placement, tank less water heater, etc, can save you 20-25% of your building energy consumption.

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