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ID YOU ARE interested in H & N Custom Homes, but not in a $100k solution! Anyone have any recent recommendations for design-build contractors that are happy to work with Ikea cabinets (or similar)? hoping to come in well under 40k

We have a couple of properties and he has remodeled our kitchens and bathrooms. He is very clever, creative and resourceful. He has great designing ideas and suggestions. I have been having to do work on it slowly but surely for years. My main problem early on, was finding someone who understood I am not made of money but I want quality work. I must have suffered through 6 contractors until I came upon Marius. He is the 8th Wonder of the World when it comes to honesty and hard work. His work is that of an artisan, yet he understands a budget. When he makes a contract there are NEVER any overruns. He also is good at suggesting ways to save money, such as you yourself going down to get parts at Sincere Hardware, etc. I don’t want to say there is no finer craftsman at the price, because that denotes a lack of complete dedication. There is very simply no finer craftsman out there AND he understands and is happy to work with all varieties of budgets. You can find him on the web, he has YELP postings, and older BPN postings. Please be sure to give him a call before you finalize any plans.

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