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Kitchen Remodeling Company Kirbys Mills
H & N Custom Homes is a bath and kitchen remodeling company serving the Kirbys Mills area. We believe there are no limitations for the inside of a home, and we specialize in transforming kitchens and bathrooms into tasteful and functional spaces. Please visit our showroom page to see past completed projects.

H & N Custom Homes  Kirbys Mills
The styles of kitchen and bathrooms are always changing, but our professional service remains the same. We pair high-quality designs with extensive industry experience, a combination that makes us a leading kitchen and bath remodeling company in the area.

Kitchen Designs | Kirbys Mills
Our bath and kitchen designs are among the best. We are well informed on current trends and will help customers find the perfect design for their home. Please contact us with questions about our services or with ideas for a future project.

We design new houses, remodel existing, create room additions and provide construction plans, as well as building permits for our clients. Our clientele comes in for residential and commercial projects. Due to our prompt and comparatively priced service we have excellent references. Our office located in NJ.

We strive to provide you with a healthy home, environment tailored to your family or work needs. We believe in a net positive house. Most time implementing simple elements during the design stage, like proper window placement, tankless water heater, etc, can save you 20-25% of your building energy consumption.

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