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The kitchen is no longer a utility room for meal preparation. The trend today is toward integrating the kitchen’s work center into a more expanded. This new kitchen layout strategy is aimed at better integrating family activities and the primary storage/preparation/cooking work centers into one large living space.

As professional space planners, we are moving the kitchen “out of the corner” and into Great Room settings, placing it in the center of the overall living area. This floating approach is to locate the primary work spaces of a residential kitchen to allow various people-related activities to be integrated into the actual food-focused space or to occur along the perimeter of the space. Simply put: rather than people gathering “in” the kitchen, they are gathering “around” the kitchen.

Today, regardless of size, the kitchen is an extension of your living space, and for many, the tub or shower is where you go to relax. With style trends away from black, white and chrome today’s cooking sanctuaries integrate a variety of textures, patterns, colors and finishes. From water-drenching customized showers to soaking tubs for two our designers can assembly a modern and simple bathroom design to meet your space and budget.