When planning a remodeling project—for your kitchen, bathroom, or whole home—choosing your team of specialists is the most important decision you will make. You need a dependable team that will transform your dream into a reality. Your home is more than an investment, more than a roof over your head, and more than a place to store your belongings. It’s a place for family time and social gatherings, an escape from the outside world, and a place where memories are made. Each home has a story and every homeowner has a vision.

With H & N Custom Homes, you’ll have a meticulous team creating your vision from the very beginning, transforming a blank slate into a one-of-a-kind space crafted specifically for you.
Our Process
Initial Meetings
Space Measurement
Project Selection Meeting
Design Package Review
Initial Budget Review
Selection Finalization
Construction Agreement & Deposit
Pre-Construction Hand-Off Meeting
Start of Construction

Are you tired of your outdated cabinets and fixtures? Is your kitchen’s layout making everyday tasks more difficult? Whatever the case may be, our team can get you from the kitchen you have now to the one-of-a-kind kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to fall in love with your bathroom? Whether you are running out of bathroom storage space or you’ve been dreaming of a new, luxurious bathtub, our team can help! We’ll work with you to design a beautiful bathroom remodel that fits your needs.

Watching the game with your friends, playing with your children, relaxing on the couch—your living room is used for so many activities! It’s important for this space to be functional and to reflect your tastes. We can design the perfect family room for your lifestyle.

If someone asked you to describe your dream home, would it be your current home? If not, we can help! We believe that everyone deserves to fall in love with their home. With our whole home remodeling services, we can make your dream home a reality.

Massive closets with custom-built storage solutions, wine cellars that would make a sommelier jealous—our team at H & N Custom Homes can take on these and other projects to make your home as uniquely fit for your needs and tastes as possible!

Within Your Reach
At H & N Custom Homes we pride ourselves for our keen eye, sense of detail, and listening ear. You’re the expert at knowing what you want and we’re the expert at transforming the space. Allow our team to take your room’s impractical layout, faded wallpaper, and dated linoleum and transform your space into an elegant and functional room that you can truly enjoy.

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