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As a locally owned and operated remodeling company, we are the most popular kitchen remodeling service in the area.  As specialists in custom designed kitchens, our team of dedicated professionals have the experience and know-how to take your vision and create a design that both maximizes your space and delivers that stunning aesthetic appeal that you, your family and your guests will truly appreciate.

When it comes to creating a custom kitchen or other home design and remodeling project, quality product is vital to delivering excellence. H & N Custom Homes takes great pride in providing high quality products that deliver both the look you want and the performance you deserve.  Whether it’s tile or a countertop, electrical and plumbing, sinks and fixtures or a cabinet door, you can actually see the quality built into every product…

H & N Custom Homes understands the many different tastes that our clients bring to us.  We know the palate of colors and finishes, floorings and fixtures can vary dramatically from one locale to another.  That’s why we offer an abundance of options in cabinetry, flooring, counter tops, fixtures and more.  We have over 4,500 different cabinet style combinations…and every one is made in NJ.  Our cabinets include oak, oak rustic, alder, alder rustic, maple, maple rustic, cherry and cherry rustic, as well as hickory, walnut, painted finishes and more.  With a wide variety of wood and tile flooring options, granite and quartz counter tops and a host of fixture choices, you get exactly what you want with a trusted, local Middletown Township Kitchen Contractor.