Oak Glen Kitchen designer with H & N Custom Homes

As a third-generation cabinet is familiar with all aspects of cabinetry. I’ve been involved in cabinet building my whole life, starting in the family business with my dad for years and then branching out on my own when family dynamics demanded it. Even though I’m a licensed building contractor, my passion revolves around kitchens and bathrooms. Since I’m licensed we are able to do all aspect of kitchen building and remodeling from floors and ceilings to plumbing and counter tops. We can handle all aspects of the projects without having to outsource. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

Kitchens and Belle Contracting. Kitchens primarily designs, builds, and installs high quality, competitively priced kitchens and bathrooms, while the Belle Contracting division handles the bigger builds and complete homes.

Women’s Business Enterprises, wholly-owned and operated by a woman. “I find that being a woman in what might be mainly a man’s business gives me a decided advantage. I can use my creative skills and practical designs to make a kitchen that matches perfectly with the needs of the owner. I know how to put a kitchen together that makes sense for efficiency while also satisfying the need for beauty. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

I enjoy helping customers create their dream kitchens and homes, but in order to stay solvent in leaner times in recent years we branched out to include doing kitchen counters, cabinets and bathroom remodeling for locally funded housing authorities. I’m happy to be a part of offering these quality kitchens to the community. My WBE certifications gave me an edge in competing with other vendors for the local housing business, but my excellent service and attention to detail keeps them coming back for more.