Ocean Gate Kitchen ContractorRemodeling Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!
Not when you hire H & N Custom Homes for the job!

Our Worry Free remodeling process assures you a custom kitchen design, work performed by seasoned professionals and an extended warranty – all at a price that fits your budget!
Are you afraid to remodel?
We have met with very few homeowners that are not fearful of their remodel project. One of the most common questions we get is “How do we know we won’t find hidden problems that will cost more money?”

Will there be hidden problems?
Of course, there may be. But, we conduct thorough inspections before ever presenting you with specifications and a contract. If we think something could be hiding under the floors or in the walls – we’ll let you know immediately and advise how the issue will (or won’t) affect the project.

What exactly is included in the price?
Our final project estimates detail everything included in the price.
Will there be surprises and will I have to pay for them?
What if I have a problem after the project is completed?
Every project includes a TWO YEAR warranty.

H & N Custom Homes has been in the business of creating beautiful and happy homes for our clients for over 10 years.

Our kitchens are thoughtfully designed to embrace your home’s unique architecture, express your personality and enhance your lifestyle.” At H & N Custom Homes we believe that context is the beginning of all design. Each house, neighborhood and city is unique with distinctive architecture and culture. Our clients want kitchens to stand the test of time and we believe designing a kitchen that complements the existing architecture is the answer. That said, it does not prevent us from incorporating the personality of the client and the clients lifestyle within those boundaries.

How We Work
Great design is the best way to save money. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, bath or other room in your home and are looking for ideas, make an appointment at H & N Custom Homes to discuss your project. Whether you want a makeover using your existing plan or if you want to start all over, we can help create your dream – on time and budget.

At H & N Custom Homes we do “remodel counseling.” We sit down with you and listen to why you want a new kitchen or bathroom and what you are looking for.

We ask the hard questions. “What is your budget?”
We answer your tough questions. “What will this cost?”
Then we get Creative!

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