South Belmar Kitchen designer with H & N Custom Homes

Kitchens are more than rooms. They bring your whole household together. With the amount of time spent in your kitchen, walking through your kitchen, or back and forth to the kitchen, it makes perfect sense that this area of your home should receive extra special treatment. H & N Custom Homes company kitchen remodeling expert. Everything from the perfect floor tile to custom cabinetry, and granite counter-tops to specialized lighting. Don’t trust the remodeling of your home’s headquarters to anyone less than Horizon.

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Custom, Stock Cabinets or Re-Surfacing
Cabinet Hardware
Decorative Backsplashes
Amenities and Creature Comforts
Wall Finishes
Specialized Flooring

More than years have passed since H & N Custom Homes created its first freestanding cabinet designed to store pots, pans, and even pies. Kitchens have changed since then, but the Marsh commitment to meeting the changing needs of customers through beautiful, functional kitchens remains as strong now. AtH & N Custom Homes  we’re proud to sell Marsh Cabinets, direct from the factory, with more than a century of expertise built into each one. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

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